Types of Farm Equipment

 Types of Farm Equipment

If you’ve always wanted to be a farmer, do you know what farm equipment you’d need? Things have come a long way since horse-driven plows. Even a humble tractor can start at $20,000!

Plow ahead to learn about the different types of farm equipment.

Add a Truck to Your Farm Equipment Buying Guide

It might not seem logical to think of a truck as farm equipment. But a good truck will serve you well when you have to cover hundreds of acres. Go for a four-wheel-drive option so your tires don’t get stuck in the mud.

Additionally, look into adding an ATV to your garage. These smaller and more nimble vehicles are great for zipping across fields from one shed to another. You can pull equipment, too — and take them out for fun rides in the snow!

Get a Combine for Harvest Season

When it comes to types of farm equipment, you’ll need a combine at harvest time. The fall season is when you’ll need to reap what you’ve sowed, after all.

Combines, which can cost six figures, are massive pieces of equipment that cut and harvest different grain crops. The combine then gathers the usable pieces, leaving the excess behind in the field. Today’s combines can stretch across fields close to 50 feet wide!

Tractors Are Popular Types of Farm Equipment

Every farm equipment buying guide will include a tractor. This piece of equipment can take on tasks like baling hay and clearing debris. It also can help with planting and plowing.

You can put attachments on tractors to change out their functionality. And you even can use them to help harvest your annual crops.

Consider the horsepower and number of wheels on tractors before buying. If you experience a lot of dampness, the four-wheel option might be better for muddy terrain. These tractors tend to be more fuel-efficient, too!

Don’t Overlook Sprayers and Spreaders

After going to the trouble of planting, you don’t want pests to ruin your efforts. Sprayers can help apply fungicides and pesticides to your crops. The Spra Coupe is a reliable option to take out on the fields.

While you’ll need sprayers, you’ll also need a spreader. This equipment, which looks more like a wagon attached to a tractor, can spread manure on the fields. Even though the process doesn’t smell good, manure spreaders help fertilize your soil.

Keep Smaller Tools Handy

The big farm equipment may look but more impressive, but smaller hand tools should be farm staples, too. You’ll need a scythe to take care of cutting back unwieldy grass, for instance.

Keep a backhoe in the shed when you need to create holes. And, of course, you always should keep a wagon nearby!

Find the Right Farm Equipment

When it comes to the types of farm equipment, it can be hard to know where to start. You’ll need a good truck to scout out your acreage. But you’ll also need a combine, tractor, and sprayers to tackle the heavy workload.

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