Types of Office Printers and Their Usability

There are many types of printers, you can say their usability can be distinguished according to their purpose. We normally use three to four types of printers in the offices, as we need to get the prints at a high speed in the office. These printers are common, so you can change a part of the printer, if it malfunctions, you can also purchase the printer parts online, if you want genuine parts. 

In this article, we are discussing various types of office printers and how we can purchase them according to our requirements:

Laser Printers:

The Laser printer is an ideal office printer, as it matches the requirement of printing in an office environment. These days, the Laser printer is coming with multifunction features like scanning, copying, and printing office documents. The laser printers usually have 34 ppm, the laser printers are cost-effective and can increase the productivity of the offices, as these printers are high-speed machines. 

You can expand the tray of the printout if you need to take the larger printout than the A2 papers. Laser printers are the most commonly used office printers around the world. They need less repair and are easy to open and clean after a working cycle. The laser printers are widely used in offices, due to their variety and availability of spare parts.

Solid Inkjet printers: 

The solid inkjet printers used a form of ink technology and these are environmentally friendly printers. The Inkjet printers are usually less expensive than the laserjet printer, and you need a special type of cartridge in the Inkjet printer, normally you need to replace the cartridge after a month otherwise the quality of the printout would be disturbed. It is environmentally friendly as the ink used in the printer is prepared from non-toxic vegetable oil.

These are compact in design and require less space as compared to laser printers as these printers are smaller in size. The Inkjet printer may warm up after taking a printout, it may need cool-down time to start working on its full capacity. The solid Inkjet printers are a simpler form of the printer and are easily repairable due to their simpler models and design.

LED printers:

The LED printers are quite similar to Laser printers, but these printers use a light-emitting diode rather than a laser to make the print on the printing belt. The LED printers are considered more efficient than the Laser printers due to their lesser moving parts, and they can produce better results than the laser printer and are quieter in their design as compared to laser printers.

The LED printers are reliable and efficient printers and perfect in any office setting, and these are less expensive than the laser printer. You need special maintenance of the LED printer, as these printers need specialized persons to repair them. The LED printers is preferred in offices, where you need more prints per minute as these printers are more efficient than laser printers. The LED printer is also preferred by some people as it makes less noise as compared to the Laser printers.

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