Types of Products and Bots in UIpath

 Types of Products and Bots in UIpath

Products from UiPath

UiPath also includes other products that offer different functionalities and features to make the tool more efficient. These are the main features of UiPath:

UiPath Studio – It is an interface that makes it easy to visualize and plan different automation processes. These diagrams do not represent the actual tasks, but are a structure.

UiPath Robot – Once the process has been designed, it is possible to execute the process within UiPath Studio. UiPath Robots can be used to turn the process into a task. These robots can assign steps to be executed in the same manner as humans, but without human intervention. UiPath robots can automatically execute tasks once a specified activity takes place on the machine.

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UiPath Orchestrator – The Orchestrator in UiPath is a web-based program. It allows you to monitor, schedule, control, and deploy software bots. It’s a central platform that allows you to manage all software bots.

Types and Applications of Bots in UiPath

UiPath primarily has two types of bots (robots), namely Attended Robots or Unattended Robots.

Attended Robots

The corresponding workstation is used by attended robots, which allows users to complete their daily tasks. These robots can be triggered by user events. They can’t be used to launch any task in Orchestrator, or when the screen is locked. These robots cannot be started by Orchestrator or using a command in Command Prompt. Robots that are attended should only be operated when under human supervision.

According to the licensing types, Attended Robots can further be classified into the following types of classification:

  • Attend : They can use the same computer as a person, and they are often launched via user events.
  • Studio : These are used to link Studio to Orchestrator to continue development.
  • StudioX These are used to link StudioX to Orchestrator to further development.
  • StudioPro They connect StudioPro and Orchestrator to further develop the process.

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Unattended Robots

Robots that are unattended do not need human supervision to execute tasks. These robots can perform multiple tasks simultaneously in virtual environments. They have all the same capabilities as attended robots. They also perform other tasks such as remote execution, monitoring and scheduling, and support for process queue.

Robots that are left unattended can perform any task or process. Each of their processes requires a separate license when they are being used in parallel.

Unattended robots, according to the licensing types can be further classified into one of the following types:

  • Unattended They can automate many tasks in virtual environments without supervision.
  • NonProduction: These robots are not used for production and can be left unattended to continue development. These robots are not able to run test-cases.
  • Testing: These robots are unattended for further testing. These robots are only used for testing.


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