Understanding the Origins and History of Sola Wood Flowers

 Understanding the Origins and History of Sola Wood Flowers

Did you know that flowers are naturally designed to attract human beings? Well, it’s true. In fact, they can reduce stress, fight against illness, and influence emotions.

Unfortunately, like most great things, flowers don’t last forever. They wilt and dry out even if the emotions and ideas that they symbolize are eternal. Sola wood flowers are an alternative to fresh-cut blooms that the holder can preserve for a lifetime and beyond.

Here, we’re going to take a look at sola flowers and where they come from. Read on to learn what you can do with these gorgeous hand-cut wooden flowers.

What Are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola flowers are alternatives to traditional natural blooms. They’re made from the wood of a plant known as the shola plant and have a barklike texture. Their primary purpose is to last for a longer period of time than fresh-cut flowers and to look gorgeous forever.

Wood can be crafted into virtually any shape, so you’ll find the perfect sola wood flowers whether you love carnations or sunflowers. These blooms are initially white but can be dyed any color that the user wants them to be.

They’re extremely versatile and can therefore be used for pretty much any application. Bulk sola wood flowers are ideal for special events, but they’re also a great way to spruce up your home decor.

What Are Their Origins?

At this point, you may be wondering: where does sola wood come from?

Earlier, we briefly brushed on the fact that it was made from a plant called the shola plant. The actual scientific name for the plant is Aeschynomene Aspera.

This plant appears in marshy areas with a lot of moisture and is extremely fast-growing. Because of its extremely quick growth, it’s very much a renewable resource in a way that fresh-cut buds are not. If you take some light wood from the plants, it will grow back in days.

In any case, the wood itself comes from the plant’s cork-like center. This center is hidden by a layer of bark surrounding it. Flowers are made by stripping the bark off the plant and making the internal wood into extremely thin sheets.

The sheets are easily malleable and therefore can be made into flowers easily. Those who handcraft the flowers cut into the wood by hand and manipulate the sheets into floral shapes. They create realistic textures to make the flowers look 100% authentic.

Many people can’t even tell the difference between sola flowers and those picked from a garden. This is ideal for those who want their flowers to look realistic. However, you can also dye them whatever colors you want for a less natural, funkier look.

Why Did People Start Making Sola Flowers?

There are many benefits to sola flowers that may have contributed to their origins.

The first is sustainability. Cutting flowers out of gardens or natural spaces removes both beauty and a source of oxygen from the surrounding area. They also won’t grow back quickly, depriving the space of what should have grown there.

Additionally, because flowers don’t grow back quickly, purchasing arrangements can be expensive. On the flip side, sola flowers are cheaper because of their fast growth and sustainability.

Sola wood flowers are also a better long-term investment for those using them to decorate homes or offices. They never wilt and die, so you never need to replace them. This means that you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on replacements over time.

Another reason people likely began making sola flowers is sentimentality. Because flowers are a huge part of weddings and other important memorable events, it’s sad that they don’t last forever. Throwing out a wedding bouquet is sad, especially when there’s an alternative that will let you keep it around forever.

Finally, the best wood flowers are great because there are a ton of different ways to style them. Each one isn’t just unique but is also handcrafted.

The person making them puts a lot of heart and soul into not just each bouquet but also each bloom. When you buy them, you’re investing in a labor of love.

How Can You Use Sola Wood Flower Arrangements?

Because sola wood flowers are so diverse, they’re also extremely versatile. Wood wedding flowers are becoming more and more common because they allow the bride to keep the bouquet as a keepsake.

The bride can also dye the flowers any color that she chooses to and put them into the arrangement in whatever combination she likes. This makes the bouquet more personal than a store-bought one ever could be.

Since there are realistic artificial fillers that look like baby’s breath and green vines, these bouquets look full and well-rounded-out.

Wood flower arrangements also make excellent decorations at special events. Purchasing your favorite styles in bulk and putting them all around a venue ties your decor scheme together. Since the flowers won’t wilt, they also will remain beautiful no matter how far out your event is.

Many people also like sola wood flowers for home decor purposes. You can purchase your favorite flower made from wood and dye it the colors of your home. The blooms look great in vases and on shelves.

Add Color to Your Life ASAP

Now that you know all about the history of sola wood flowers and what you can do with them, it’s time to learn more.

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