[Updated] Best Torrent Trackers list for 2022

 [Updated] Best Torrent Trackers list for 2022

It is becoming a well known fact that by adding more torrent trackers your speed of downloading torrent will eventually increase. This is why we keep on updating the list of trackers for torrents so that our readers can know about the latest ones and can use them. 

A torrent tracker is a special type of server which assists the users in communicating with their peers and other people using torrent protocol. And when you add a torrent tracker you URL to the torrent program you are using you will see that it will instruct your torrent program to connect with the bittorrent tracker server. 

If you are looking for a torrent tracker list then you are at the right place as in this blog we are going to provide you with a list which will have names of open, public and free trackers for torrents which you can use. This also means that as users you do not even need to pay, register or even connect to a specific network so that you can use the torrent tracker. 

Adding torrent tracker to torrent program 

The steps which we have provided below for you will help you add torrent to programs like u torrent, q bit torrent, vuze, transmission, deluge, tixati, bit comet, web based torrent, etc. 

  • First of all the users need to copy the torrent which they want to use from the list which we have mentioned below for you. 
  • Secondly, the users are supposed to open the torrent program you are using and then move to the option of trackers. 
  • In this step you need to hit on the option on add trackers or other option which is similar to it. 
  • Now, simply paste the torrent link which you have copied and confirm this action by pressing the ok button at last. 

List of torrent trackers – 

Below is the torrent trackers list which is an updated one which the users can refer to and use also. 

If you want to know more trackers then you should without any delay visit website way binary for the same.

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