Tips on How to Ensure a Better Urgent Care Claims Submission

 Tips on How to Ensure a Better Urgent Care Claims Submission

Urgent Care Billing

About 20 to 30% of the country’s healthcare expenditure is direct influence and inefficiencies dealing with the claims, according to the American Medical Association. With the shifting regulations related to billing guidelines and ever changing codes, it is not surprising that errors are possible. In fact, it takes only a minor error to end up your claims into rejection and denial; impacting your overall revenue generation. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here with its best practices solutions ensuring you get reimbursed for all your urgent care and other medical services.

How Sunknowledge Services Inc can help you with reduced claims errors:

  • Experience biller handling your urgent care billing – one of the most common errors in urgent care billing during the submission of claims is documentation errors. It is often seen that incorrect information like – patient demographic details, their address, NPI etc causing most of the denial. This is why following a very rigorous check, in every urgent care billing process Sunknowledge Services Inc feeding correct patient demographic details along with every other information; ensure direct doctor office follow giving priority to all provider details.

  • Certified coders handling your urgent care coding process – in the urgent care billing entering incorrect code like attaching conflicting details to CPT or HCPCS codes or even entering wrong details of the place of service codes is also the reason for denial of claims. However, with the latest medical coding and billing updates; Sunknowledge experts further ensure timely claims submission reducing your rate of denial and rejection of claims.

Following up continuously, we further assure robust customized reporting that helps our clients with a clear picture of the billing operation. With a complete understanding of the industry mandates and the latest coding requirements and best practices, Sunknowledge Services today is known for delivering unparallel productivity metrics.

With more than 100s of excellent client references, we today further help in reducing your accounts receivable bucket by 30% from the first month itself. So, if you are looking to improve your urgent care billing, we are here to help.


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