Use These Exciting Ideas For Custom Sleeve Box Packaging

 Use These Exciting Ideas For Custom Sleeve Box Packaging

Who doesn’t love to have ice cream, be it a hot sunny day or a snowy evening? People do not wait for a specific season to devour the mouth-watering ice cream flavors, so why should you not attract them to your brand? Customization always does the trick in getting more reach and sales. 

You are looking for ways to make your custom sleeve box packaging exciting and attractive? There are thousands of customization options that you may try to attract customers, but a few specific things that will help you with sales are a must. 

Try Different Color Pallets

Custom sleeve box packaging can be fun and attractive, using different color themes. Have you ever looked at packaging with awe because of its colors? You must also know some of these colors that will get the same reaction from customers. 

Custom cone sleeves can have the following color palettes, and you may have them divvied according to the flavors, thus creating versatile packaging within the same category.


Pastels are one of the best ways to attract customers these days. Your ice cream cones will be ten times more attractive if you decide to use pastels on them. Most customers look for lighter shades that add a soothing look, and these pastels help bring that out.

A lilac cone sleeve packaging will lure the customers because it creates a sober look. Using the pastel palette in summer will add a great depth to your brand, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it in any other se4ason. 

Dark Colors For Winters 

Winters and dark colors always work as the perfect couple, so why not use that trick for your ice cream cone sleeves? Using dark colors does not mean only using black or brown. There are a variety of shades available that you can use for your cone sleeves. 

One such color is purple which many people admire. Use these dark colors to attract customers, but you can use them other than in the summers. Using a blue cone sleeve for blueberry ice cream will add a beautiful look to the ice cream. 


You may also have glittery and funky colors for your waffle cone paper sleeves. Glittery shades with a bit of shine, say gloss, will work as a wonder in ice cream sales.

This technique is mainly used to attract children, but that doesn’t mean adults do not like to have some glitter now and then. However, you can have them for your particular ice cream flavors to add a depth and royal look to the category. 

Use Different Themes 

custom sleeve box packaging allows you to use different themes to attract sales. Is it a birthday of a celebrity nearby? Search for their favorite colors and use them as your sleeve packaging.

 If you advertise these custom sleeve box packaging the right way, you will get a lot of fans in your store to buy those ice creams and honor their birthday. 

Similarly, superheroes and other cartoon characters are used on the custom sleeve box packaging to attract children. Children love more than devouring their favorite ice cream with a cute iron man on the cone packaging or Queen Elsa on their blueberry ice cream packaging. 

Summarising The Discussion 

custom sleeve box packaging will help you get better reach and sales if you know how to use them correctly. Some of these suggestions might help you in getting better sales. 

Sleeve box wholesale manufacturers will give you better rates than the market. You may also have thousands of customisation options to avail at discounted deals.

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