Use Unique Shaping Dimensions for Custom Eyelash Boxes

 Use Unique Shaping Dimensions for Custom Eyelash Boxes

Shape – Shape is just an outline that makes the object unique. In this way, your packaging boxes’ shaping dimensions make your product different from other brands. If you talk about eyelashes, these are the makeover products for enhancing the beauty of females. In the modern era, women also play an equal role in developing the country. They want to look bold in front of society, so they use makeup or beauty products that encourage them. Demand for makeup products increases, and we cannot ignore eyelashes. 

For this purpose, custom eyelash boxes are used to get women’s attraction towards your brand. Similarly, these custom eyelash boxes help your product to stand out in front of your competitors. It also provides you the confidence to beat your competitors. Different designs and shapes can make your eyelash boxes different. 

Customized Styles of Boxes for Eyelashes

There is a variety in customization of boxes you can choose from them or design it uniquely according to your need and designing. You have to use enhanced packaging for the custom eyelash boxes because they are sensitive products, and if you use none enhance packaging, then any toxins on the lashes will result in allergies on the eyes. If you want to read more about no enhanced packaging, you can read more: What Does No Enhanced Packaging Mean? Following are some attractive styles for the custom eyelash boxes:

Rectangular with PVC Cover

These rectangular boxes are commonly used for the packaging of eyelashes. There are many benefits of using this packaging is that these are cost-effective and you can print on them as well. The back of these eyelash boxes is made up of paper materials like cardboard or Kraft. You can use any style for custom eyelash boxes that help you in boost sales. The front of the boxes is covered with a plastic PVC sheet. This will help the customer to choose the product easily. 

Drawer Shape Boxes

Drawer shape boxes are those boxes that consist of drawer-shaped boxes. In this way, the eyelashes are placed in the drawer and covered with the other boxes that act as a sleeve. There are also options in sleeves one is PVC sleeve, and the other is sleeve eyelash boxes with logo

Diamond Shape Boxes

However, you can also make your custom eyelash boxes in a diamond shape. These are unique styles for the boxes, and it can enhance the chance to attract customers. These boxes can attract customers from far away. As you know, customer’s always demand something new, so using diamond-shaped boxes is beneficial for you. 

Five Panel Hanger

These boxes are very useful, retailers can also easily hang them. These boxes have five panels, four of boxes, and one attached with the back of the boxes. Five-panel hanger boxes are the best option for branding because you can get more space for the printing of your company’s information or other printing in the front of the boxes. The other benefit of using these five-panel boxes is that they have hangers so you can hang them on nails. So this can make your boxes prominent in front of the customers. 

Bookend Boxes with Magnetic Lid

These are the creative and high-quality boxes that give your custom eyelash boxes a fine and professional look. These are the fine quality boxes that have the magnetic lid at its cover, and this cover is attached with the box. You can print your logo and also use foiling on these boxes. This will give your eyelashes an attractive and professional look to your brand. 

One-Piece Boxes for Eyelashes

One-piece boxes are similar to the bookend boxes, but they don’t have a magnetic lid. These boxes are mostly made up of cardboard material. These are cost-effective boxes you don’t have to spend much money on this type of packaging. 

Boxes with Unique Die-cut

As you noticed, you may see many custom eyelash boxes, most of them designed with a die-cut window. This is because eyelash shows its beauty itself and the customers want to see the actual product inside the box. So this die-cut enhances the packaging look and also helps the customer to choose the product. There are options of any style that you want to die-cut on these boxes, customization will help in designing that style. 


There are many styles of custom eyelash boxes discussed here, each box is different from the other. There are also many options for you to choose the suitable box style for your eyelashes that can make your brand worthy and attract the customer to buy your cosmetic products. 


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