Useful Pram Accessories Every Parent Should Have

 Useful Pram Accessories Every Parent Should Have

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Prams and strollers are greatly useful when it comes to baby transport. It makes it easier and more convenient to transport a baby from one point to another. Aside from that, it would also be less tiring for the parent compared when simply carrying a baby around with bare hands.

Prams are a must-have for new parents. It is important to invest in a quality pram to be sure that your baby is safe while using it. Although prams already make baby transport a lot more convenient, it still has some accessories that make baby care more convenient as well wherever you go. Here are the must-have pram accessories you should invest in.

Pram Liner

A pram liner refers to the padded or cushioned insert that is fitted into the pram. This is where your baby will sit or lie down. Pram liners make the pram more comfortable and snugger for the baby to sit or lie on. Aside from that, it also serves as a protection for spills and messes making it a lot easier to wash and clean than when it spills directly into the pram itself. When the liner gets dirty, simply remove and wash it. With so many designs and prints to choose from, you could definitely find one to make your pram look stylish.

Head Support

Younger babies still have tender neck muscles which can’t support the weight of their head fully. This is the main reason why you’ll need a baby head support pillow that provides just the right support needed by your baby. It is a u-shaped pillow that is work behind the neck of your baby while riding the pram, giving them support while sitting up.

Image Source: Pexel


A Footmuff is an essential pram accessory when the winter or autumn months are approaching. It works like a sleeping bag, keeping your baby warm and cozy while in the pram. Since it is nice to go out with a baby when the temperature is a little cool, having a footmuff is a handy accessory to warm your baby when the weather suddenly turns too cold for your baby. Look for ones that could be attached securely to the pram liner for convenience.


With so many baby items you need to bring when heading out. You’ll need a good organizational solution to keep everything in its place. If you’re just out for a quick stroll outside, a pram organizer is handier than packing a whole diaper bag.

It looks like a caddy that can be attached securely into the pram, acting as a storage space for all the baby’s needs – from milk bottles, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and many more baby essentials. You could also put your essentials in there like your phone or purse. So you can take care of the baby without holding so much stuff.

With all those pram accessories, your day out with the baby would surely be more convenient with a pram that serves a lot of purposes.

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