Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin – Save Your Bathroom Space in Style

 Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin – Save Your Bathroom Space in Style

The vanity unit with countertop basin has become a top choice in recent years. It looks not only great in many bathrooms but also offers various advantages over simple vanities. Bathroom furniture is an essential need for every household. However, since various types and shapes of vanities exist, not every vanity is the best for your bathroom. For example, you may not have enough space available for a specific type of storage furniture or other amenities. 

In all such cases, you will need a better solution where you can fulfill your storage and aesthetics needs. Among such designs, we have the vanities that have a worktop sink over them. These are usually a space-saving design that helps you save space in the bathroom. That makes it a great pick for anyone who has small bathrooms or a cloakroom. 

The Design and Look of Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin?

The vanity unit with countertop basin is a perfect fit for a relatively small bathrooms space. These offer a great utility that mainly includes the following things.

  1. Space Saving.  The major reason for designing such a vanity unit is to offer homeowners a design that can offer incredible space-saving benefits. Where it offers storage capacity for your essential items, you also have a worktop sink that will eliminate the need for a sink from the bathroom. As a result, you can enjoy incredible space-saving benefits. 
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing. The installation of such units is not only to small bathrooms or cloakrooms. But also, medium or large bathrooms where you want to create an aesthetically pleasing look. It is because such a minimalist design makes it a great pick for modern bathroom designs. 

Where You Need Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin?

We have already explained the basic needs of such vanity units. You know that we can not fit all types of furniture units in all bathroom types. We need to decide what can be the most suitable option for us.  It is due to various reasons that range from bathroom size, layout, design and types. That’s why we need different styles so these can perfectly fit where we want them and help us in achieving our goals.

But the installation of these vanities is not for small bathrooms or cloakrooms. These are equally popular in medium or large spaces due to their aesthetically pleasing design. It is needless to say that these have a minimalist design with modern features that automatically makes them a good choice for contemporary design. 

Different Styles of Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin

While deciding about this vanity sink unit, you will have various options that we discuss here. We also provide information about where you can easily fit them. 

  1. Wall Hung Sink Vanities.   It is a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing option where you can mount the vanity unit on the wall with a worktop sink. These are suitable for apartments or homes where space is tight. In addition to that, due to its shape, the space underneath remains empty, making your small space look spacious. 
  2. Vessel Shape Sink Vanities.  Its name is from its shape that resembles the bowl. Due to its unique shape, it requires fixing along the wall and needs a deck mount or wall mount faucets for it. You may see various design over the body of this bowl that is great for improving the overall aesthetics. All plumbing work and pipes remain hidden from the eyes. 
  3. Cabinet Shape Sink Worktop Vanities. It is a square shape small-size sink that over the top of the vanity unit. It looks better with the bigger vanities. Usually, the sink is made with ceramic or vitreous china.
  4. Framed Styles Sink Vanities.  These are the type of sinks the fit within the top of vanity units. That means it creates a hole-type look that has a ceramic basin inside of it. These are also named rimmed basins. Most commonplace for their use is flats or already built homes. They hid all the plumbing and pipework remains inside the vanity unit. 
  5. Drop-In Sink Vanities. These are also kind of rimmed basin that is trimmed around the worktop over a vanity unit. These are found extensively in the old or new houses alike. The hole inside the worktop is bigger that has the ceramic or China sink fitted within it. You can fit such worktops in any vanities made with many materials. You can install them in contemporary or traditional bathrooms as these are suitable with both designs. 

Are You Looking for A Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin?

After a brief introduction, we have listed different styles available in this range. At Turin Bathrooms online store in the UK, we provide you with all the fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. You can place an order with us from our website. Good Day!


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