Vitamin C Deficiency in Guinea Pigs

Scurvy in Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, like humans, lack the ability to make their own vitamin, so they need an external source of vitamin C. This can be found in the form of fruits and vegetables. A guinea pig’s body will lose its supply of vitamin C quickly if it doesn’t get enough. This can lead to a condition called “scurvy”. This can affect the body’s ability create collagen, which is an essential component of bone and tissue creation. It can also cause blood clotting problems and joint problems. Guinea pigs are often deficient in Vitamin C.

Even though they have enough vitamin C, some guinea pigs can develop a vitamin deficiency. If there are other diseases or problems that prevent the guinea pig from getting enough vitamin C, or if the body is unable to absorb it properly, this can occur. Do Birds Have Ears   Vitamin C deficiencies due to diet can be prevented or treated by giving guinea-pigs a special diet, and regular vitamin C tablet supplementation.

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Vitamin C deficiency is a condition that affects Guinea Pigs. They lack the body mechanisms required to synthesize vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency may also be caused by other diseases or problems that prevent the guinea-pig from consuming or absorbing enough vitamin C-rich food.


It is important to take a detailed history of the health and diet of your guinea-pig prior to the onset of symptoms. A thorough exam and a review of your guinea’s diet will help to diagnose vitamin C deficiency. To determine the amount of vitamin C in your blood, a blood test will be performed.


Your veterinarian will recommend that your pet’s veterinarian give your pet daily vitamin C supplements for up to two weeks. You can either administer the vitamins by injecting at your veterinarian’s office or by giving them by mouth. Multivitamin tablets should not be administered to guinea pigs as they can become allergic to certain minerals in them.

Living and Management

While your pet guinea pig is in recovery from vitamin C deficiency, you will need to monitor it closely. Your veterinarian will advise you on the special diet that you should prepare for your pet guinea pig to both treat the current condition and prevent future episodes. Vitamin C-rich foods include tomatoes, bell peppers, and spinach. Blue Colored Birds They also enjoy oranges and dandelion greens.


This is a common condition in guinea pigs. You should take steps to prevent it from becoming an issue. Make sure your guinea pig gets at least 10 mg of vitamin C daily. If you’re preparing a diet to feed a pregnant guinea, increase that amount to around 30 mg per day.You should be aware that too much vitamin A can cause health problems. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you rotate the vegetables and food you offer to your guinea pigs.

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