VR Meditation Apps

There are several different kinds of VR meditation apps available in the market, including those that allow users to interact with their surroundings. MalokaVR is an example of a VR meditation app that lets you change the weather, control the nighttime, and perform mindfulness practices. This app allows you to learn different types of meditations that will improve your overall wellness. This app also enables you to take biometrics of yourself and track your progress in the meditation.

There are many benefits of VR meditation. First and foremost, it can help people deal with stress. Sitting still and focusing on your breathing can be difficult, especially when you’re stressed out. With VR meditation apps, you can sit in an environment that’s comfortable and convenient for you. You can listen to soothing music and experience beautiful locations while meditating. Alternatively, you can use guided visual relaxation sessions that take place in virtual reality.

Another popular VR meditation app is FlowVR. FlowVR offers six different modes of meditation. It’s compatible with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go VR headsets. FlowVR includes music from Sigur Ros. FlowVR teaches you how to practice mindfulness through guided meditation and powerful music. Once you’re ready, you can choose a mode and begin relaxing. FlowVR also helps you learn new ways of breathing and movement.

Guided Meditation VR is another app that helps you relax while meditating. This app features over fifty different meditative sessions with the help of virtual teachers. You can choose your own environment or choose from a preset selection of sounds. It also features a timer to help you relax. There are dozens of other apps available for meditation as well, including the popular Guided Meditation app. You can even select a meditation genre, such as Zen or Buddhist.

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