Wansview Wireless Security Camera Not Functioning Properly? Promptly Fix It

 Wansview Wireless Security Camera Not Functioning Properly? Promptly Fix It

In today’s time, crime and theft continue to increase. So in such a situation, everyone needs the security of their home/office/garage. To circumvent these situations, you can use a security camera. Including this security camera, you can watch your activities. If anyone comes to your house then you get direct notification on your mobile phone. Then you can also use the Wansview security camera in your home. Because this camera records 1080P HD video with 2 Megapixel Lens. It is an outdoor wireless security camera that surveillance the view of the outside in the home. This camera is equipped with a 2 Megapixel HD lens that delivers smooth video. The Wansview wireless security camera works all the time whether day & night. It absolutely protects your home with a 2 4G WiFi network.

The Wansview security camera works with 2.4 GHz wi-fi network and does not support a 5 GHz network. It is an IP 66 waterproof Wansview outdoor security camera that works in the rain. This camera included Financial Encryption Technology that protects the data in a proper manner. The setup of the Wansview camera is not difficult. You can just install the Wansview cloud app on your smart mobile phone and then do all the settings.

Useful ways to fix the Wansview wireless security camera is not functioning properly 

The Wansview security camera is a waterproof camera, it works very well under harsh weather. You can see the live view anywhere and anytime with the mobile phone. This camera includes a motion sensor, it detects the motion of the person and delivers alert notification. If it is not working like not capturing photos, Wansview camera not connecting to wifi, and other some problems. Then you can follow useful ways. 

Wansview security camera not turning ON

The Wansview camera comes with a power ON/OFF and Reset button. If it is not turning ON then you can monitor your camera to get the electric current. If your camera is not getting proper electric current then you have to use a power cable and give current to it. You can also monitor if your camera properly place. If it is not properly placed then it does not work. Then you can use some screws and properly place the Wansview wireless security camera. After that, use the power cable and then connect the end to this security camera and the other end to the power supply. Also, verify the power supply receives the current. If it receives the current then plug the wireless security camera into the electrical outlet.

Wansview wireless security camera does not record videos

If the Wansview wifi security camera does not record the videos then you can verify your security camera is properly attach to the power outage. Maybe the fault is that the power outage does not have current then you can verify the problem. There may be dust or dirt on the top of the camera. Then, you can use a dry cloth and this cloth is very clean. After that, clean the wireless security camera with the dry cloth in the proper manner. 

Wansview camera not connecting to the wifi network

If the Wansview wireless security camera is not connecting to the wifi then you can verify your wifi router is tuned. If the wifi router does not turns On then you can turn On the power. After that, ensure the wifi router is not far away from the wireless security camera. Then, you can check you use the correct and accurate network password. You can also make the connection with a signal network name and password. 

Setup the Wansview wireless security camera with the Wansview cloud app

If the Wansview security camera is not working then you can do the setup with the Wansview app. For this, you can ensure the wi-fi network in your iPhone. If the iPhone not connects to the wi-fi network then connect the iPhone to the wi-fi network with the network password. Then, you can install the Wansview app by visiting the Apple app store. After that, create an account with a valid username ID and password. After that, you can do all the settings of the Wansview security camera. If the Wansview cloud app not working then you can go to the Wansview app. And then tap Wansview Cloud, in this option tap notifications. Afterwards, check whether notifications are allowed or not. If it is not allowed, please allow it.

Reset the Wansview camera

If the Wansview wireless security camera is not answering or responding then you can use the reset button and then perform the reset. For this, you can press the reset button for a few seconds. Then, the LED light flashes red. Now, your security camera is reset. 


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