Want A Marketing Edge for Your Product? Go for Custom Display Boxes

 Want A Marketing Edge for Your Product? Go for Custom Display Boxes

The most important part of selling your product in a retail environment is getting your product noticed. You would probably have seen products sitting on shelves of your local grocery store for weeks and months without being noticed. That is usually because these products are not noticeable or even attractive to customers. Packaging plays a key role in making the product more noticeable and with a custom display box you get visibility and marketability all in one package. But don’t confuse the display boxes as just a show thing. They are as good at protecting the product as they are at attracting attention. We have seen many companies that have gained sales and customer attention by switching to display boxes. However, there is a lot of confusion among companies about how this packaging solution improves the marketability and visibility of their product. So, if you are also wondering if a display box can make your product more marketable and how exactly it does everything it claims then this article is for you. Keep reading to know exactly how such packaging can benefit your brand and how companies such as The Legacy Printing can help make sure that your packaging does what it is supposed to do.

Custom Display Box Can Improve Your Product’s Visibility

As mentioned above, a custom display box is mostly meant to be used for retail environments. High competition in the retail stores means your product will be placed next to a lot of similar products and there is something called getting choked out by the competition. When there is simply too much competition in the market, your brand will have to push extra hard to make its place in the industry. Just like a plant can get choked out by weeds your star product may not see the light of the day if it is lost in the jungle of competitors around it. A display box on the other hand serves as a way for your product to rise above the competition. The distinct feature of display boxes is the raised display lid that serves as a small billboard on top of the box. When you customize the display lid with marketing information and custom branding you get the highest possible visibility for your brand in a retail store.

For example, if you sell chocolates then there are going to be hundreds of other chocolate brands similar to yours around your product. So how can you make your chocolates stand out? Get in touch with The Legacy Printing to get a custom display box made for your chocolate brand. A display box will grab the consumer’s attention with the help of added visibility it gets due to the raised lid. The added height and a lot more branding printed on the display box is the best way to get the product noticed.

The Custom Display Box Looks Good While Protecting Your Product

As mentioned previously, a custom display box isn’t all looks and no practicality. In fact, if you get a display box made from The Legacy Printing you get reinforced high-quality display boxes. You can bump up the safety of your product. Display boxes are used to package products that are sent over long distances. They are designed to keep the contents safe from bumps and impacts. The lid of these boxes is also securely closed. So that your product can stay inside the box and doesn’t get spilled out. You can also add additional safety measures to a display box. Such as adding coatings and inserts to the box so that the box becomes dust, heat and air resistant. Not to mention the added protection is essential for keeping the food-based items fresher for longer. You don’t want the product to become spoiled during transport or while it is sitting in storage.

While a display box is mostly use for food packaging. You can also use it for packaging and display of small cosmetics, personal care products, electronics and other similar items. We have seen display boxes being use for medicated products as well. You can understand how durable they are and the level of protection they offer to regular products. No matter how often your product is taken out of the box it retains its shape and keeps attracting customers. Until the last of the item place in it is sold.

You Can Easily Modify A Display Box As A Selling Tool

We have talked a lot about the display boxes and their ability to attract customers. However, before you see all those benefits you have to customize the display box with the right type of customizations. And make it more marketing-friendly. Customizations to a display box include custom color to it, graphics, and finally logos as well as marketing on it. You will realize that a display box that is normally blank and lifeless can be turn into a marketing marvel. With a little help from a reliable packaging partner such as The Legacy Printing.

The Legacy Printing also has some default designs for display boxes as well as standard sizes. If the standard boxes fit your product’s needs you can simply add the required customization to it. It save a lot of time. In addition, most packaging companies don’t charge extra for customizing the display boxes and only charge for the actual packaging. So you only have to pay for the packaging you get print and don’t have to pay for the customizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Custom Display Box

What Are the Delivery Charges For Display Boxes?

You will be delight to know that most packaging companies offer free delivery for all their packaging products. So you only pay for the actual packaging and the shipping is handle by the provider.

What Are Some Other Names For Display Boxes?

Some other names for display boxes include display lid boxes, raised lid boxes, branding boxes, foldable lid boxes and more.

What is The Expected Delivery Time For Display Boxes?

Display boxes are deliver within 14 business days after design finalization if you choose standard delivery; however, if you choose express delivery the duration is reduce to only 7 business days after design finalization.

What Are Some Material Options For Display Boxes?

A lot of material options for you are available to choose from. You can go with Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugate, Bux Board, Cardstock and other eco-friendly packaging when getting display boxes made.

What Are Some Common Add Ons For Display Boxes?

Companies often use display boxes with branding customizations; however, there is plenty of add ons that can be add to display boxes. Some commonly used add ons include Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, and PVC Sheet.

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