Watch Brands That Will Lead Japanese Watchmaking In 2022

 Watch Brands That Will Lead Japanese Watchmaking In 2022

Outside of Switzerland, Japan has a rich history in watchmaking. From the quartz crisis in the 1970s until today, Japanese watch brands impress watch enthusiasts worldwide. They produce stylish watches with amazing value for money, making them the best alternative to more expensive Swiss watches.

Japanese watches are characterized by qualities that make their designs desirable. These include attention to detail and an obsession to tell time as accurately as a

watch can. Almost every Japanese watch embodies these qualities, which is why they’re popular and will be more popular in the future.

This 2022, you can expect more from Japanese watchmaking as various brands assert their places in the industry. They will make the topic of wristwatches a more interesting conversation with new models that may surpass what they’ve done before. Learn more about them in this article which lists the watch brands that will lead Japanese watchmaking in 2022.


Seiko is the kingpin of Japanese watchmaking. This company that Kintarō Hattori founded in 1881 revolutionized watchmaking. Seiko was responsible for the quartz crisis, which changed watchmaking forever.

Last year, they released new models for ten of their lines and numerous collaborations with various brands in different industries. Their lineup of new products to be released this 2022 looks promising, including installments to their Presage and Prospex lines. So if you’re looking for a new wristwatch, there’s never been a better time to wear a Seiko product.


Casio remains one of the most trusted Japanese watch brands in the world. They are popular for producing highly durable timepieces with useful features. Their most popular creation is the G-Shock, a shockproof plastic timepiece that can withstand the toughest surroundings many wristwatches can’t.

So far, they’ve released a new addition to the MR-G series, G-Shock’s flagship line. The MRG-B5000 is just one of the several new G-Shock models anticipated to be released this 2022. Based on that alone, 2022 looks to be another good year to cop a new G-Shock.


Citizen is a Japanese watch brand that uses movement provided by a Swiss supplier. Besides that, everything in their watches is made in Japan. Their most important innovation has been the Eco-Drive, a lithium-ion powered movement charged by solar cells which produced a battery that never needs replacing.

Recently, Citizen released their new limited edition Promaster Eco-Drive Diver. They’ve also debuted a recent model in collaboration with Nissan that merges their leading technology and Nissan Z’s sportiness in a watch. Aside from these, you can expect more watches that utilize Eco-Drive technology that will make the watch scene more interesting.

Independent watchmakers

Besides the three popular Japanese watch brands mentioned above, independent watchmakers will also make some noise this 2022. Independent watchmakers don’t have the resources to produce as many units, but that doesn’t mean their work should go unappreciated. Many of them in Japan also make great timepieces which should be considered.

Some independent watchmakers you should check out include Naoya Hida & Co., Masahiro Kikuno, Minase, and Hajime Asaoka. Their products are sold on their website, along with information about their brands.

Wrap up

These Japanese watch brands will likely make the rounds this 2022. As Japanese watchmaking seeks to be more prominent through their designs, wearers and enthusiasts like yourself should take advantage of what they provide to the industry.

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