Ways to Maximize Your Suitcase Space

 Ways to Maximize Your Suitcase Space

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Packing light is one of the common rules when traveling. Having so much luggage on a trip is really stressful and exhausting. Plus, your load would still increase when you shop for souvenirs to take to your loved ones back at home. One of the common reasons why some people tend to pack so many things on a trip is that they fear that they might have forgotten something they might need during the vacation. If you’re one of those people, here are some packing tips that would help you pack everything you need in one traveling suitcase.

Choose the Right Suitcase

Many people choose the size of their suitcase according to the length of their vacation. However, the factor that should be considered when picking a suitcase is the type of trip you’re having. For instance, if it is only a quick beach getaway or a visit to a different city, then a light compact suitcase would be enough since most likely you’ll be packing clothes made from light fabrics. However, if it’s a hiking adventure, you’ll need bigger luggage to carry all the equipment and gear you need.

Create a Packing Formula

If you travel a lot, most likely you already have your own formula on how many pieces of garments to bring. This makes packing a lot easier plus you could avoid over-packing if you are following a packing formula. It all depends on which one works for you. For instance, you could have 9 tops, 3 bottoms, 7 undergarment sets, and a dress for a weeklong vacation. It’s all up to you on how many items work best for you and you could learn it through experience as well.

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Categorize Your Things

To make the most of your suitcase space, categorizing your things surely goes a long way. Group together similar items in one container before placing them in your big bag. That way, it would be easy to find everything you need without having to unpack all of your things. There are plenty of packing accessories you could use to keep your things organized inside the bag such as packing cubes. You could also use luggage organisers to have a separate bag for every category of items you pack.

Pack Tightly

Lastly, to make the most of every space in your suitcase, pack your stuff tightly. Make use of every space you have in the bag. You could save much space by rolling clothes instead of just laying them flat inside the bag. Also, packing items vertically is really useful when traveling. Since you could see everything from the top when you open the bag, you don’t need to take out a lot of items just to find what you need.

Packing and organizing your suitcase needs patience and time. When planning to go on a trip, be sure to pack ahead of time so you still have plenty of time to arrange everything and lessen the chances of forgetting something behind.

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