Ways to present your ideas with power, not just PowerPoint

 Ways to present your ideas with power, not just PowerPoint

Tip 1: Know your audience

Presenting your ideas in front of a gathering in an effective way is one of the crucial things both in your academic and professional life. PowerPoint presentation designer in India is a great way to speak out your ideas to similar-minded people and a viable way to create valuable personal connections. This article will provide you with some tips for effective presentation. 

Knowing your audience beforehand is the greatest thing you can do before starting your presentation. Know their sentiments and attitudes by fitting yourself in their shoes. It is the way toward a successful presentation. So, always keep your audience in mind throughout your preparation and presentation. Measure the previous knowledge and level of your audience and tailor your shared knowledge according to these factors. Whether to include jargon or not, whether the presentation should be formal or not etc. also depend on these factors. You can also decide on the manner to handle acronyms and abbreviations by measuring the level of the audience. As you’ve spent years on your niche and so much time researching your subject, it will be difficult to identify the level of presentation that you have to deliver. So if you are addressing a general audience, try to present it before your friend or family outside your niche. 

Tip 2: Create a clear, logical structure

After knowing the audience, the next thing you have to consider is of creating a clear, logical structure that will be easily understandable to your audience. Be systematic in your own unique way. Give your presentation a proper beginning, middle, and end. Give a brief overview of your presentation at the very beginning. This nutshell will arouse interest in your audience, also they will be expecting something by paying attention to the whole presentation if they know what is coming beforehand. But do not go into too many details in this nutshell. Keep it simple and exciting. Finally, discuss your main ideas in a conclusion. This could be the moment to give a lasting message or impression to your audience. Ending of your presentation is just as important as the start. So, don’t go for something abrupt.

Tip 3: Talk in “spoken English” style, not in “written English” style

There is a huge difference between spoken English and written English. So, if you are making the script of your presentation from a research paper or an article, flip it into your own language. Use language as simple as it can be. Use spoken phrases and also colloquialism to give some originality. Crack some jokes in between. The written English we read in research papers often has a very formal style. So, an informal style will suit your presentation better. But if your audience is too formal, avoid too much informal style. Keep a balance between formal and informal always.

Tip 4: Practice your presentation and practice again!

Proper practice is the only way to perfect your presentation. If you are hoping for a killer presentation, practice, practice, and practice it more. Then you can surprise your audience with a forever-in-mind presentation.  


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