Webcam w/ Microphone & Privacy Cover USB Camera by Amcrest

 Webcam w/ Microphone & Privacy Cover USB Camera by Amcrest

Amcrest Webcams provide 4K resolution and stunning Ultra HD and HD video quality. They also have wide-angle lenses and sensors that detect low light. Amcrest webcam technology offers you a built-in noise-reducing microphone and stereo superior audio which allows for unclouded, natural sound recording. This makes it possible to have a great video calling experience even in noisy environments. The Amcrest webcam is perfect for multiple operations, offering flexibility and privacy to ensure your safety.

Amcrest Webcams can record 4K video for calls and streams as well as recordings. Amcrest webcams feature high resolution and a fast frame rate to ensure smooth video quality. They also have a world-class sensor in low light situations. Amcrest webcams can be used for live streaming or video conferencing and are very affordable. Amcrest webcams allow you to experience fast autofocus, light correction and HD video with incredible clarity. You can also frame yourself.

About 2MP Webcam w/ Microphone & Privacy Cover USB Camera

Enjoy Magnificent Full HD 1080P

The CMOS 1/3 image sensor gives this USB Webcam enhanced capabilities. Wide 90deg viewing angle, no optical distortion. Ideal for webinars and video conferencing.

Webcam with Privacy Protection

Amcrest 1080p HD Webcam includes a Privacy Cover. This privacy covers your webcam while it is not being used and protects you from hackers. This privacy cover provides security and privacy for your mind.

Webcam with built-in microphone

Superior stereo audio with a built-in microphone that reduces noise. This allows for natural sound recording and clear recordings. This combination of video and a microphone provides the best possible video conference experience, even in noisy environments.

USB 2.0 Plug & Play

Multi-operational compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc. Platform compatibility: Skype, Youtube and Zoom, Windows Live@Messagers, Gmail, WeChat, and other instant messaging apps.

Versatile Placement

You can mount the Amcrest Webcam on any surface with the 1/4 tripod thread and mounting clip. Amcrest is committed to the safety of all our customers and their families. You will receive a 1-year US warranty and lifetime support from Amcrest.

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