What Are Digitally Screen Printed, Custom Heat Transfers?

 What Are Digitally Screen Printed, Custom Heat Transfers?

Digitally screen printed heat transfers are a revolutionary hybrid transfer where a white background is screen printed and then the design is digitally printed as the top layer. The white backing prevents color migration and promotes increased design vibrancy on any color garment.

This allows for a full CMYK color palette to be available for these designs, practically eliminating the dilemma of color limitations or having to always transfer onto white surfaces.

Along with this added bonus of versatility, the digitally printed designs hold on to their high resolution and finer details even after transferring. Many of the gradients, mid-tones, fine lines, and photorealistic elements of client designs would be lost in translation when it comes to a traditional heat transfer, thus digitally screen printed transfers are arguably the next big advancement for the apparel industry.

What are the benefits of buying digitally screen printed heat transfers?

  • Versatility of material application. (nylon, cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, treated leather, etc.)
  • No color limitations. Print any design to nearly any garment or product.

Some items may not be heat transfer friendly for use, please perform adequate research of all products and their materials before opting to utilize heat transfers.

  • More affordable when compared to traditional screen printing, laser or sublimation white toner transfers.
  • Transfers are durable enough to stretch without cracking, yet incredibly soft to the touch.
  • No need for pre-treating garments and products and no need for expensive A+B sheets as required in toner laser printing. This results in an easy application process and increased production speed.

TKO’s digitally screen printed transfers are created with a water-based ink that lengthens the life of the transfer for more than 50 washes. (It may just outlast your customized garments themselves.)

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