What are Mining Truck Attenuation Kits & Diesel Generator Silencers? You Really Might Want to Know!

Mining Truck Attenuation Kits

Due to the nature of the task, which is heavy and harsh, mining truck attenuation kits are more than just a box where little accessories are kept. It corresponds to a large warehouse of equipment and supplies that has everything essential to increase the safety of vehicles on the job site The following are the specifics of the most important products!

The Most Important Specifics of Mining Truck Attenuation Kits!

  • Vehicle Stability Roll Cages: This framework is fitted around the cab and helps to safeguard the operator by ensuring that the vehicle maintains its balance. You can find out more about the distinctions between ROPS and FOPS cages online.
  • Certified Chocks: Loading and unloading duties, routine maintenance, and long-term detention can all be performed with increased safety when using certified chocks, which keep the vehicle’s wheels from accidently moving. Diamond steel, polyurethane, and iron are among the materials available.
  • Polymer poles: These long fiberglass rods are mounted on the sides of trucks and vans to boost the vehicle’s visibility. Poles are quite important in the mines, especially when traveling through areas where heavy trucks are present.
  • Bumpers: Additional truck bumpers provide better absorption of front and rear impacts than they would without. Additional support is provided for headlights, which boosts the essential vision in dark regions of the work environment.
  • Lunettes: Lunettes are a tube-frame structure with a metal mesh that protects the truck’s rear window from being broken out.
  • Thermal Insulating Tape: This tape aids in the insulation of heat generated by the vehicle’s exhaust system, resulting in improved performance.
  • Work Lights: The high projection lights, which are positioned in the upper portion of the truck and allow the driver and passengers to have a wider field of vision while working, are a welcome addition.
  • Beacons: Beacons are one of the obligatory security aspects for mining vehicles, as they are essential in the transmission of warnings and signals.
  • Nutlockers:Nutlockers are bolted to the studs of a truck’s tire to prevent the tire from moving on bumpy roads.
  • Security sheets:They must be armoured and resistant to landslides, and they must cover all of the windows on the mining vehicle’s exterior.

Diesel Generator Silencer

Generators may be a useful tool in a variety of scenarios where energy is required, such as when there is a power outage or when a vehicle is connected to a power source.This can be really beneficial, but one of the major drawbacks of generators is the amount of noise they produce. On many instances, we do not feel comfortable disturbing people with the noise produced by our generator. Making as little noise pollution as possible may be what you’re seeking for in an environment.

For this very reason, diesel generator silencers were invented! These are tubes that are connected to the generator’s exhaust in order to help reduce the amount of noise it produces.

Another solution is to build a soundproof generator box to keep the noise out of your home.

What is the Decibel Level of a Generator?

The majority of portable generators produce noise in the range of 70-110 dB. Noise levels vary depending on the size and brand of each generator, and generators can be found operating at decibel levels much below these limits.

Quieter models are typically more expensive, but they can save you the inconvenience of having to turn off the generator later because of noise. Despite the fact that not everyone has the financial means to purchase a more expensive generator.

Why even bother Silencing your Generator?

A generator is not something that merely emits noise from time to time, but rather something that produces noise on a consistent basis. This form of sound is one of the most irritating that can be encountered when you are repeatedly exposed to the same noise, which is not only annoying for you, but also for those in your immediate vicinity.

If you don’t know how to silence it properly and prevent the sound from spreading, using it on a regular basis can cause problems with your neighbours or family members, so be careful. Consequently, it is critical to understand how to mute the portable generator so that it does not cause disturbances to other people.

Also, if you are in close proximity to the generator, you will notice how unpleasant it is to be subjected to its continuous noise, and you will most likely find yourself wanting to silence it or turn it off in order to avoid being bothered by it any longer.

Automotive Mufflers

One alternative is to utilize an automotive muffler to mute all of the sound that is emanating from the generator itself.

It may not be the most convenient way, but it can provide around 10-15 decibels of dampening in most cases. It is possible to do it with an engine muffler, a little imagination, and a few tools.

When I say “done right,” I’m referring to vehicles that have had the proper pipes and adapters bent, welded, and mounted in order to provide a leak-free exhaust system.This involves a significant amount of talent, but it is possible to do without the assistance of a professional, and the results are excellent.

By using some clamps and exhaust flex pipes to secure the muffler to the vehicle, you can accomplish significant noise reduction. Although it is not as effective as welding the pipe, it is still an option.

Using a Diesel Generator Silencer is a Good Idea!

In order to keep the exhaust from your generator from being heard, the most common and popular method is to utilize an aftermarket generator muffler. Silencers of this type are fitted on the exhaust and function as silencers, muffling a portion of the noise and reducing it by 10-15 dB on average.

It is possible to buy them on Amazon or in other specialty stores, but it is also possible to make them yourself at home. As a result, you must first understand how a muffler works in order to ensure that the exhaust is properly channelled!

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