What Are the Advantages of Using Oak Wood in Furniture?

Decorating with beautiful furniture is essential in every home. Consider the integrated storage options in your bedroom, and whether you require a console tables nz or a bedside table, find the ideal complement materials, as well as the utility that you need from your tables.

When it comes to interior design, bedside tables nz are a place for all of your life’s necessities. You’re going for something on there from the time you wake up, whether it’s a light to illuminate your room, your phone to check the headlines for the day, or a glass of water to stay hydrated. It’s an essential piece of furniture in any bedroom, and it demands some attention when it comes to design.

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Because this is a piece of furniture, you may be able to utilise thinner pieces of wood. When it comes to oak wood furniture, the eco-friendliness, longevity, and affordability of this timber species, when compared to other materials, has ensured timber’s popularity over the years.

Want to know all the benefits? 

High strength and durability 

Considering oak is a hardwood because it comes from a slow-growing tree. It is one of the most resistant and durable woods, so it is trendy to produce high-quality furniture when you’re considering console tables nz. Another significant advantage is moisture resistance, and this type of wood was used in shipbuilding in the past. 

Beauty and elegance 

Wood brings nature, elegance and warmth and makes various rooms more attractive. The beauty of oak is mainly due to its unique grain and texture. In addition, oak colours range from pure white to warm honey tones, so many different colours are available. 

Versatile style 

Look for ageless oak bedside tables that are ideally suited to any decorative style, classic or modern, vintage, rustic, and so on, keeping your dimensions in mind. This means that the statement piece made of oak, one of the most prized materials in high-end furniture, holds a high-grade quality and is built to last for decades.

Suitable for all types of finishes 

Oakwood is also easy to process and reacts very well to all types of matte or satin finishes, increasing the variety of decorations. In addition, this type of wood allows for more refined and more careful furniture finishes. 

It is affordable than you think.

Oak bridges the gap between abundant and inexpensive softwoods that are not long-lasting and expensive and scarce tropical hardwoods (such as iroko and Sapele) that are stronger and more aesthetically pleasing but may be short-lived. Oak excels as a happy medium in durability, strength, price, and availability. It is derived from surrounding woodlands as well.

Final Words,

Do you have a habit of putting your favourite book on the floor before going to bed? Or perhaps you’re having problems finding the TV remote in the dark. Oak bedside tables are important to keep all of these belongings for easy access. Why Oak? Oak is the best wood species that come in various colours, but the grain pattern is a distinguishing trait that makes it one of the more straightforward wood varieties to identify.

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