What are the benefits of integrating Apple School Manager with MDM?

 What are the benefits of integrating Apple School Manager with MDM?

Many educational institutions are using Apple devices to make learning more efficient. Apple School Manager will allow students to use Apple devices in classrooms effectively.

What is Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager is an online platform that uses the cloud to deploy, customise, and manage Apple devices in classrooms. It combines Apple VPP and DEP with features such as Managed Apple IDs to streamline device deployment and allow content distribution.

What is the function of the Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager allows educational institutions to offer a unique classroom experience for students and teachers. It supports features such as:

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program
  • Federated Authentication
  • Role-based authentication
  • Classroom tools (Shared iPads, classroom/schoolwork applications)
  • Administrative tools (Accounts, roles, locations, classes)

What is the benefit of integrating Apple School Manager with an MDM solution?

When educational institutions integrate Apple School Manager with an MDM solution, they can access more features and get more benefits for Apple devices. They include simplified enrollments, improved device monitoring and easy content management.

1. Streamlined enrollment of devices

The combination of an MDM with the Apple School Manager offers out-of-the-box enrollment of Apple devices to educational institutions. They can enrol devices to the MDM portal without necessarily touching or preparing them physically using Apple DEP with the MDM solution. 

2. Remote device monitoring

With the integration of an MDM solution and Apple School Manager, IT administrators can pre-configure devices with the MDM solution’s policies and limitations for iOS, macOS, and tvOS platforms. The integrations can empower educational institutions to protect, manage and customise all Apple endpoints. Once educational institutions turn on a device enrolled in Apple School Manager, all the MDM solution’s customisations, limitations and policies are automatically activated.

3. Content Management

With Apple School Manager, searching and managing applications and books becomes easy for educational institutions. Through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), they can easily purchase the licenses for iOS and macOS applications in bulk and allocate them to many users or specific devices. Educational institutions can also revoke and reassign applications to other users or devices, letting them retain ownership and power over all the purchased applications. Apple’s VPP, if combined with an MDM solution, makes content management efficient and straightforward, letting schools manage their licenses effectively.

4. Skip setup steps

With an MDM solution, educational institutions can ease the setup process for the devices enrolled in Apple School Manager by eliminating the steps in the Setup Assistant. It will allow students and teachers to resume their tasks with minimum downtime.

5. Prevent users from removing the MDM profile

Using an MDM solution with Apple School Manager, IT administrators can block the end-users from removing the educational institution’s MDM profile. It will prevent unnecessary actions from the students or staff and offer them a secure classroom environment.

6. Schedule Software updates

For every new update in Apple’s software, educational institutions must check if their workflow is compatible with the latest update. It will take time and requires testing. Educational institutions can schedule software updates for the Apple School Manager enrolled devices with an MDM solution.


Apple School Manager is a valuable tool for automated enrollment and content management for Apple devices. The integration of Apple School Manager with an MDM solution simplifies the device enrollment process and eases the deployment of managed content to the classrooms.

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