What Are The Common Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips?

 What Are The Common Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips?

Do healthy and lush green lawns in your neighborhood attract you? With the right care and maintenance, you can also have a healthy and lush-green lawn in front of your property. However, it will take efforts from your end.

If you are willing to do so, we have arrived with some valuable tips to maintain your lawn area shared by the experts from lawn care services in Brick, NJ.

Know your soil

Before you do anything else, know your soil first. Then accordingly, you will have to create a plan to maintain your lawn to keep it green and healthy. Remember, the health of the lawn largely depends on how healthy your soil is. Take a sample of your soil and send it for testing at the soil testing laboratories.

Test results will enlighten you about the current state of the soil. If it is not fertile enough to grow a healthy lawn, then the experts will give you suggestions to make it fertile to have healthy grass. Also ensure you choose grasses suited to your region to create a lush-green and healthier lawn. You can visit the local stores to find the best grasses suited for your region.

Feed your grass well

To have a lush-green and healthier lawn, your grass needs proper nutrition. Your soil test results will give you an idea of what you should feed to your grass well. This also helps you figure the right the products to have your grass flourish well. These soil testing results will also help you know how many pounds of nitrogen your lawn needs based on all major considerations.

Mow your lawn weekly

Mowing your lawn once a week during the summer and spring seasons is a must. Depending on the climatic conditions of your area, you may need to adjust and mow your lawn more or less often. At what time you mow your lawn also matters. Experts recommend mowing your lawn in the early evening. This will keep the grass moisturized. Most importantly, ensure you cut only one-third of grass height each time you mow.

Use a sprinkler to water in the morning

The next key ingredient to keeping the lawn healthy is to provide adequate water to your lawn. It is not compulsory to water every day; two or thrice a week is enough. To make sure the lawn gets the water properly, use a sprinkler that equally waters the entire lawn. Also, make sure you water your lawn in the morning, between 6 am to 10 am. This will produce the best results for you.

Add fertilizer to your lawn care routine

Giving enough water routine is perhaps not enough to have a green and healthier lawn. There are plenty of other things you need to have a grass grasser on the other side of the fence. Fertilizing a lawn is equally important that only need a lawn spreader and high-quality fertilizer. The spreaders can be of two types- one is a drop spreader and a broadcast spreader. Drop is best when the lawn area is smaller, while a broadcast spreader is recommended for the bigger lawn area. Before you start fertilizing the lawn, make sure you water your lawn a few days in advance.

Ensure you control the weed

The weed is the biggest enemy of your lawn. To keep the weed out of your lawn, make sure you mow, fertilize, and water your lawn in the early morning. Some weed species are hard to kill. In that case, talk to lawn service in Morristown, NJ. They will come to your place and apply a precise formula of herbicide to kill the weed without damaging your lawn.

Opt for lawn care services

Suppose you find it difficult to maintain your lawn DIY. In that case, you have an option to hand over this labor-intensive task to the lawn care experts from lawn care services who have the right expertise in maintaining the lawns, ensuring they are always lush-green and healthy. The best part is that you don’t need to wander back and forth for the best lawn care services as there are masonry services near you, which also offer lawn service in Morristown, NJ. This way, you will not have to wander for other services including masonry works in the future.

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