What Are the Different Types of Business Signs That Exist Today?

 What Are the Different Types of Business Signs That Exist Today?

It’s time to sign up. 32.5 million small businesses are in operation in the United States.

Whatever industry you are in, it’s hard to get public attention. You need to consider multiple types of advertising, including business sign advertising. Yet you have many types of business signs to examine. 

What are some of the simpler signs you can buy? What signs should you get if you want to attract motorists? What can freestanding letters do for you? 

Answer these questions and you can promote your business through a stylish yet affordable sign. Here is your quick guide.

Post Signs 

A post sign is a sign that hangs from a post or pole. The sign contains the name and address of one business. The sign may be big enough to accommodate the company’s logo or the name of the building. 

A post sign is the best sign display for a small business owner looking for a simple sign. It can attract people who are walking down the street. But it is too small to draw attention from motorists.


Monuments are signs that sit on the ground. They are big, featuring the company name and logo. 

Most businesses in the sign industry create monument signs. These signs can catch a person’s eye as they walk or drive. They are also very versatile, so you can choose whatever colors you want for your sign.


Pylon signs are freestanding signs. You can find ones that are more than a dozen feet tall. Some of them stand on concrete foundations so they will not fall over during rainstorms. 

Many signs have LEDs so they are illuminated during the nighttime. You can hire a custom signage company to make a sign for you with colored lights.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are freestanding letters that spell out the name of your company. They can be imposing, grabbing motorists’ attention. 

If you’re worried about visibility, you can place light bulbs inside the letters. You can also paint the letters with neon paint so they reflect moonlight and starlight.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are individually cut letters that spell out words. You can have letters for your company name, the name of your building, and your corporate slogan. 

Most letters contain acrylic or metal that is rain-resistant. The letters can go on awnings, and you can glue the letters onto a piece of wood or plastic. 

The Most Important Types of Business Signs

There are many types of business signs. Post signs are straightforward, perfect for a small business. Monuments are large, showing off the company’s name with massive letters. 

If you want your sign to be seen at night, you can get a pylon with LEDs. Get creative with the colors you use. 

If you prefer freestanding letters, you can get channel letters with light bulbs in them. You can also get dimensional letters if you need to fill space on an awning. 

Keep looking at great ways to advertise your business. Read more advertising guides by following our coverage.

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