What are the different types of carpet repair services in Melbourne?

When people think about Carpet Repair in Melbourne, they tend to either go to their local carpet retailer or Carpet Remnant Warehouse. While these are good options for Carpet Cutting and Carpet Laying services, there are other options available that can have your carpets looking just as good.

So what Carpet Repair Services does Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offer?

* Carpets Stretched  – If you find that the carpet seems loose or isn’t laying properly, this is a sure sign it needs to be stretched. We will stretch your carpet back into shape with our specialized machinery ensuring it lays flat against the floor again.

* Carpets Repaired – If there are holes in your carpet then repairs may need to be carried out. Carpet repairs can involve either the whole area of the carpet needing to be repaired or just a couple of edges and corners. Carpet stretching companies will often try and make money by saying you need an entire new carpet rather than repairing your original one. We at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne know how to fix carpets properly, with minimal fuss and cost.

* Carpets Mended – Carpets that are mended will not come undone like many other Carpets Repairs services might do. This means over time it is more likely to last longer as there is no stitching for people to trip on or catch their feet on. 

* Carpets Steam Cleaned – After all of this repair work, Carpet Steam Cleaning is a must. Carpets that have been repaired or mended will contain nails, staples and thread which may have been used to do the work. These Carpet repairs need to be cleaned out of your carpet so they don’t rust and leave stains in your Carpet Fibre’s. Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne recommends you get your carpets steam cleaned at least once every 12 months.

* Carpets Shampooed – No matter how well maintained your carpets are, over time they will start to look dull due to dirt buildups. Carpet shampooing cleans them thoroughly by firstly pre-vacuuming then using hot water with detergent to remove soils from deep within the Carpet Fibre’s. Carpets that are shampooed also involve the whole carpet getting a thorough cleaning and not just areas where there is furniture sat on top of. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne recommend Carpet Shampoo Cleaning every 12 months to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for longer.

* Carpets Stain Treated – Carpets can accumulate all kinds of stains over time such as Oil, Blood, Urine and lots more! Carpet Cleaners Melbourne will treat all sorts of Carpet stains using the best Carpet Stain Remover available to break down those nasty stains so they don’t come back again. These Carpet Stains need to be treated as soon as possible before they set in and become harder to remove.

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