What Are the Different Types of Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Tester?

 What Are the Different Types of Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Tester?


Software testing is basically the process of testing an application using test cases and scenarios to make sure it meets set standards and works properly. It is a very important phase in the software development process and can help an organization in saving a lot of time and money. Thus an organization must have competent software testers in their testing team. However, being a competent tester is not easy and requires one to have lots of skills and in-depth knowledge of the software testing process. So, if you are someone who is thinking to become a software tester then this post is for you. Today we are going to share with your information about the roles and responsibilities of a software tester and the skills he must possess.

Different Roles in Software Testing

All companies are different from each other in terms of structure and working style. Thus role and responsibilities of a software tester may also vary depending upon the structure and working style of an organization. To learn more about these different roles in detail, you can join Software Testing Online Training in Saudi Arabia. Here are different types of roles you can get as a software tester:

  1. QA Engineer: This position includes more work and responsibilities. A QA engineer continuously monitors every step and stage of the software development process. He ensures that the product meets the standards/requirements of the client. Besides this, he ensures that all the functions of the app/software are working seamlessly and the app does not contain any bugs.
  2. Test Manager: A test manager is a very important part of a test team. He performs the duties of a project manager and makes sure that everything works fine and the project gets completed before the set deadline.
  3. Test Engineer: A test engineer is an expert in different types of software testing/ approaches. He has adequate knowledge about manual testing, exploratory testing, etc. A test engineer does not rely on automation tools for testing and uses conventional testing methods for testing software.
  4. Test Analyst: A test analyst ensures that all the functions of the app are working fine. A test analyst usually designs and runs test scripts to identify errors and bugs in the code of the app. All this is done before the release of the software to make sure that final users get a positive user experience.
  5. Test Automation Engineer: A test automation engineer is someone who codes and works on automating test processes. To do this a test automation engineer use tools like Selenium, Postman, Cucumber, etc. Additionally, they are experts in GUI designing as well as software testing.

Skills That a Software Tester Must Have

Following is the list of skills that a proficient software tester must possess:

  • Adequate knowledge about software testing and different types of software testing.
  • In-depth knowledge about systems and GUI designing.
  • Knowledge about various software testing techniques.
  • Information about different phases of testing and how each phase should be carried out.
  • Knowledge about developing test suites and how to rectify usability issues.
  • Competency in designing software tests and knowledge about different test execution methodologies.
  • Phenomenal communications skills, etc.

Responsibilities of a Tester

The duties and responsibilities of a software tester vary based on his role in the testing team and the structure of the organization. Here is a list of major duties and responsibilities of a software tester:

  • Conduct software testing and interpreting and communicating results to the development team.
  • Developing test scenarios and scripts for conduction usability testing.
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients to have a clear image of the requirements of the clients.
  • Develop test-product documentation and participate in testing-related meetings.
  • Create/design test designs, test cases, and test data.
  • Conduct tests as per set standards and procedures.
  • Prepare reports using the results of software testing.


Software testing is a very important phase of the software development process. Thus an organization must hire a competent and skilled software tester for their testing team. This will not only help them in saving lots of time and money but would also increase the speed of the software development process. So, if you are someone who is thinking of being a software tester then make sure you have all the skills that are necessary to become a good software tester. To do this you can enroll in a software testing training course or get a training certification like Software Testing Online Certification in Qatar.


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