What are the pros and cons of smoking herbal shisha?

 What are the pros and cons of smoking herbal shisha?

As you may know, hookah coals can make or break your session; in fact, bad coal can completely ruin your smoking experience by killing the flavor. The reason why smoking herbal shisha has gained popularity is due to the misconception that it is less harmful than cigarette smoking

Here are some pros and cons of smoking herbal shisha


  • An alternative to cigarettes. Shisha has always been a popular smoking option. E-cigarettes have become a worldwide fad for many smokers since they are far healthier and less hazardous than normal cigarettes. This is due to the fact that herbal shisha has fewer poisons and chemicals than regular cigarettes.
  • It aids with relaxation. Because shisha still contains tobacco, the nicotine level will help you relax and unwind while also calming your thoughts. Shisha is frequently used after a meal or during a chat with guests. The advantage of using shisha to relax rather than a traditional cigarette is that it has fewer chemicals and pollutants, which means your health will not degrade as quickly.
  • Smells better. The aroma is significantly more pleasant than conventional cigarette smoke because most herbal shisha includes fruit juices and essence. Because it contains fewer chemicals than a conventional cigarette, it has a milder aroma that may even be delicious.


  • Bad Habits are formed. Smoking a shisha may be a step in the right way if you’re trying to quit smoking, but it’s not the best option. Bad smoking habits will not go away because shisha is technically still smoking. It may make you feel better mentally, but it is unlikely to improve your overall health.
  • Nicotine addiction. Tobacco is still present in most shisha. Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found in cigarettes. You won’t necessarily be smoking less if it helps you relax and makes you “feel good.” Indeed, it may even urge you to keep smoking cigarettes. Some individuals believe that the water in shisha can absorb the nicotine before it reaches you, but this is not true; not all of the nicotine is absorbed, and it will still have an effect on your health.
  • It’s Harmful to Your Lungs. Despite the fact that many people feel shisha and e-cigarettes are healthier solutions for your health, they nevertheless contain hazardous chemicals that can injure your lungs if inhaled. Harmful toxins should constantly be considered depending on the type of shisha you’re smoking and the material you’re inhaling. The normal shisha smoking session lasts up to an hour, and several studies have shown that you can inhale the same quantity of smoke as more than 100 cigarettes in that time.

Keep in Mind

  • Whether you decide to use herbal shisha for yourself or not, you should be informed of the health concerns it can cause. It’s advised to avoid shisha if you’ve already smoked cigarettes or used other dangerous chemicals.
  • If you have specific medical issues, you should obtain professional medical counsel before trying shisha. If you have diabetes, lung cancer, heart disease, or other health issues, it may not be a good idea.
  • Before you attempt shisha, look for other options that can provide you with pleasure or fulfillment. Perhaps a cup of coffee or tea after dinner would be a better option. Shisha should be used in moderation and with the correct components. And if you want to try some good quality herbal molasses for your smoking experience then connect with Hookah Time they will guide you and offer you the best quality products.


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