What Are The Ways Of Planting Betel Leaf Plants?

 What Are The Ways Of Planting Betel Leaf Plants?

Plants are very necessary for the environment where you are living. They not only help maintaining the ecological balance but also help in enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. A few plants are there which enhances the beauty of your home décor too. Again a few plants are there which you can plant for the purpose of consumption. Betel leaf plants are such of a kind. The betel leaf plant nursery that are found are a little problematic to reach nowadays. Hence you have such nurseries available online.

The online nurseries provide you with the opportunity through which you can buy betel leaf plant through the digital platform. You do not need to search in any nursery in order to buy the beetle leaves anymore. You can browse through the internet and find out the websites of the new age digital nurseries and place an order for your desired plants.

Beetle leaves as you all know are consumed by many for different purposes. It serves as a great natural  mouth freshener and is very effective for your teeth. This is why many of you prefer to buy beetle leave plants online. The circumstances required for its growth and the way it should be looked after is stated in this article.

Beetle leaf plants are grown from root cuttings. They can be grown in planters as well as in soil directly. The climate favorable for the growth of beetle leaf plants is tropical or subtropical. The early winters is the perfect time for the plantation of beetle leaf plants. 

People generally prefer to keep this plant in their homes because of their beautiful smell as well as their wonderful flower like shape. This plant can be easily kept as ground covers. This will enhance the beauty of your garden and your taste and choice will be appreciated by all with such beautiful decoration.

It should be kept in such a place where no sunlight will come directly. The ideal place to keep it is the window sill where the sunlight will fall but will not directly hit the plant. It should be kept inside a glass container in the beginning. Regular watering should be done. The water inside which the plant will be placed should be changed after every two days. This will keep the plant rejuvenated and it’s growth will also not get hampered by any chance.

If the beetle leaf plant is planted inside a planter, the soil used for it’s plantation should be a mixture of sandy-loamy soil. The place should be moderately windy so that the plant get adequate amount of air in order to grow well.

These beetle leaves is not only used for domestic purpose but is also having high commercial value. If anyone starts a business of selling the beetle leaf plants, then also ge or she can do that. This business will give you a good margin of profit. These plants do not require much care also.


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