What Carpet Fits Your Bedroom Best?

 What Carpet Fits Your Bedroom Best?

A bedroom is a place of rest – an important home space where you spend those serene hours in the morning and night. It’s a place from which you take on daily activities. This is why the bedroom has to be suitably designed for your comfort.

And one way to achieve the pleasure of sleeping in a bedroom is by installing a carpet. It’s easy to find a great carpet for your bedroom with these useful tips.

What is your bedroom style?

The way your bedroom looks may not be the same as that of other areas in the home. Consider the existing decor in your bedroom before choosing a carpet to avoid a mismatch.

A bold carpet design won’t fit into a traditional bedroom. However, you can choose from multiple carpets if your bedroom is a blend of different designs. Again, half the size of your carpet may not be seen as it goes under the bed, chair or furniture. The style and feel need not be the same for a bedroom with a small size and a king-size bed.

Carpet pile

This is how high or dense the carpet fibres are. It matters most as it determines how comfortable the carpet will feel as you walk on it. The carpet backing is not part of the pile height. A carpet with a high pile gives a comfortable feel, but it’s susceptible to wear by too much feet movement.

The pile density describes the density of the carpet fibres. More dense carpets are durable and are good criteria for choosing long-lasting carpets. The living room and other areas subject to beating can take a low pile carpet, but not in bedrooms. In general, pile is critical.

Fibre and style

A comfy carpet depends on the chosen fibre, which is related to the style and cost. For a very soft carpet, a luxurious style is your go-to. If you can afford wool, its softness is unparalleled. Next to it is polyester. You can choose nylon and other synthetic options, but they are not soft.

An alternative to luxurious carpet is a cut pile carpet – comfortable like shag carpets. Your feet won’t feel comfortable above the loop carpet. Sisal carpets are good-looking for bedrooms but don’t have the same comfort that cut pile, shag and luxurious carpets provide.

The green factor

Picking an eco-friendly and VOC-free carpet from a London carpet store is important for healthy living as the air quality inside the house is not polluted. In the past, one major problem the flooring industry had was that of VOCs and off-gassing. But it’s no longer an issue.

Check that your carpet is marked with the Green Label Plus certification or is compliant with similar standards upon installation. Your carpet should be safe enough not to compromise the air quality inside your bedroom or any other room. What typically triggers VOC in carpets are the backings and fibres unless you’re getting a wool carpet.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bedroom carpet

You should understand that having a carpet can have both good and bad sides. This is why this part is important.

Upsides of bedroom carpet:

  • Provides warmth. Your feet can stay warm all day regardless of whether it’s cold outside with carpet flooring. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of stepping onto cold hard tiles or wood in the morning.
  • Provides comfort. Of course, anything that makes your feet feel good is comfortable. Warm feet are comfortable when you have a sweet thick carpet in your bedroom. And you can decide not to wear slippers.
  • Cost. Covering your entire house with carpet can be an expensive project. However, carpeting a room may not cost much. On average, premium-quality carpets are not as costly as synthetic floorings of equal quality.

Downsides of bedroom carpets

  • Pet problem. Your carpet will take up so many hairs from pets like cats and dogs if they’re used to coming into your bedroom to nap or sleep.
  • Stains. In general, very soft carpets do not have the greatest resistance to stain. Bedroom carpet stains can come from pets, little children and deets carrying dust and mud. Carpet stains can be worrisome, be it in the bedroom or anywhere else.


Your bedroom style and needs can get a carpet that’s a good match. There’s a myriad of comfortable carpets fit for bedrooms and options that are hard-wearing for areas that get much feet traffic. You can take a look at our luxury carpet collections to see some great options you’ll love.

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