What is a Fixed Blade Knife?

 What is a Fixed Blade Knife?

fixed blade knife

When to buy a knife whether it’s for the home, kitchen, or craft. You will find many types of knives. We can find the difference between a fixed blade knife and a movable blade knife.

Although both types seem simple at first glance, this time we are talking about a fixed blade knife.

How is a Fixed Blade Knife Made?

Fixed blades or fixed blades do not have moving blades. So, since it doesn’t fold, it needs a cover to store it safely.

An example of a fixed blade knife is all the knives we can find in our kitchen. Both kitchen knives for cutting all kinds of food. Even a table knife

Fixed blade knives are stronger and more durable. Unlike movable blade knives, therefore, we can find many types of fixed blade knives depending on the application we need. For example, we can find knives with fixed blades for hunting and autumn. Fish, kitchen and pastry knives, table knives, pork butchers, Japanese knives, … and more.

Below we show you a selection of knives with fixed blades. If you are interested in purchasing a fixed blade knife, you will find many interesting options:

Advantages of Fixed Blade Knives

Although we have already mentioned that a wide range of fixed blade knives can be found in the market. But we also have to mention that the simple fact is that they have fixed blades, which means that these knives are more useful than folding or mobile knives.

Here are The Advantages of Fixed Blades:

Fixed Blade Knives Are More Durable. 

Regardless of blade size, foldable fixed blades provide greater strength and durability.

They Don’t Break. 

Another advantage of buying stationary knives is that they are more durable and non-stabbing, so you won’t be hitting the handle and blade on the ground every time you use them for specific outdoor tasks. Whether it’s traveling when you go hunting or fishing

Blade Length Without Folding The Handle

Therefore, the fixed blade length of a knife can be longer.

Fixed Blades are Easy To Maintain. 

Because you don’t need to lubricate the system that allows you to fold the handle. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to keep sheets clean.

The advantages of fixed blade knives discussed above on fixed blade knives, on the other hand, can be applied to tactical fixed blade knives. We can add one more feature: it can be used quickly. Because it’s not complicated, it’s fairly quick to deploy. It becomes a versatile tool for tactical situations, survival, and sports such as hunting or fishing.

As you can see, fixed blade knives have many advantages over folding blade knives, and the choice between them will now depend on the process you want to perform or the operation you will be performing.

The Most Popular Fixed Blade Knives Of 2022

If you are thinking of buying a stationery knife but don’t know where to start. Which Fixed Blade Knife to Buy? We invite you to read our section on the types of knives that you will find in all types of knives on the market.

In the meantime, to give you an idea of ​​what you can find for sale. Here are some examples of the best-selling fixed blade knives of 2022, which are the most popular right now:

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