What is a Tactical Fanny Pack and Why Wear One?

 What is a Tactical Fanny Pack and Why Wear One?

We all know fanny packs and love them, especially since they came back into fashion, mixing utility with style. In the past years, they became more than just dads’ way to carry extra pockets on their belt or youngsters’ go-to accessory at concerts or festivals. The mighty fanny pack is now slick and cool, completing and complimenting urban outfits and outdoor needs. How about a best tactical fanny pack, however? Is it good for your hobbies and outdoor activities?

What Is A Tactical Fanny Pack

But a tactical fanny pack is not the same as a regular street-smart one. Tactical fanny packs are in a league of their own. Advertised mostly to firearm users, military trainees, and survivalists, the tactical fanny pack found its way into the lives of people who do not necessarily carry weapons or train to become law enforcement.

Still one of the favorite accessories of preparedness experts and survivalists, the tactical fanny pack is a gear we should look more into for everyday uses. Let’s learn more today about this item and see why and how we can wear it!

The Tactical Fanny Pack Definition and Features

While there is no official definition of a tactical fanny pack, one can easily distinguish between items and other fanny packs that serve different purposes. An excellent trip and outdoor accessory, the tactical fanny pack, comes with a set of features that distinguishes it from the other members of its family:

  • They feature multiple compartments and pockets, zippers, Velcro closings, etc. These tactical fanny packs can store and carry plenty of goods, including (but not limited to) phone, keys, tactical wallet, a handgun, a Swiss army knife, first aid kit, snacks, water bottle, and more. You will hear survivalists, preparedness experts, and outdoor buffs call the “tactical fanny pack,” a “multifunctional waist bag.” For instance, our sports dual squeeze bottle outdoor travel fanny waist pack might become your favorite hiking, hunting, fishing, or travel companion you had in a while.
  • The tactical fanny packs are durable and resilient to wear and tear. They come in sturdy materials, often water-resistant, and sport a rugged look, making them ideal accessories for hiking, camping, and other outdoor sports and activities, including fishing, hunting, trekking, camping, etc.
  • Compared to urban fanny packs we use as bags and purses, tactical fanny packs are roomier and significantly more extensive. Some of them can also carry a concealed weapon, tools, and other accessories. Leaving behind altogether the stigma of the 80s and 90s, today’s tactical fanny packs are true mini-backpacks one can pack and carry for various needs. The visible and invisible compartments and pockets, the adjustable belt, sturdy construction, and extra benefits (such as the dedicated compartments for water bottle carrying) make them excellent choices for modern and active people.

Now that we saw the main features and description of the tactical fanny pack let’s see how many types are there on the market and which one you should choose for your needs.

Reasons to Get a Tactical Fanny Pack this Year

Besides being an excellent travel companion, a tactical fanny pack serves multiple purposes:

  • It replaces a backpack – even the smallest model – when you need full freedom of movement and as little weight as possible. For instance, if you want to jog on a backcountry trail, you only need a tactical fanny pack for your necessary items, snacks, and water for such a short excursion.
  • It completes and complements a backpack. When you go on a more extended wilderness trip, and you already have a full bag, where do you keep the items you need to have at hand? A tactical fanny pack can carry anything without you having to rummage through your mountaineering or survival backpack that you packed already in a professional manner.
  • A tactical fanny pack is your faithful companion when you want extra items at hand to give course to a hobby: additional lures, hooks, and tools readily available for your fishing days; bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, and water within reach during your mountain biking experience; notebook, pens, binoculars, or rangefinder when you go hunting or birds watching.

Bottom Line

As you can see, a tactical fanny pack comes with plenty of benefits, besides the purpose of helping you carry a weapon. Such an item can become an excellent accessory for all your outdoor adventures and training situations. Check out our collection of fanny packs and pick your favorite for all your urban needs and outdoor hobbies!

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