What Is Aluminized Safety Clothing?

 What Is Aluminized Safety Clothing?

Did you know that aluminized clothing is usually worn in an environment that can be higher than 200°F? Aluminized clothing can range from coats, light or heavy jackets, protective hoods, full-body outfits, pants, ski-type leggings, and overshoes.

If you need to be protected against very hot conditions, you want to make sure you have the right safety equipment. Keep reading and we will walk you through what aluminized safety clothing is and what types of jobs you need it for.

What is Aluminized Safety Clothing

Aluminized safety clothing is a layer of clothes that you put on top of what you’re wearing. It helps to protect yourself against extreme working conditions. It is mostly worn by professionals that need workwear to protect themself from radiant heat and molten splash hazards.

This safety apparel protects the person wearing it from being exposed to radiant heat. It also helps them maintain a normal body temperature and keeps them from getting burned.

Due to the mirror finish, aluminized clothes can reflect radiant heat and can reduce heat loss by radiation by as much as 90%. Some fabrics can withstand temperatures up to 3000°F for short periods.

Aluminum clothing is made up of multiple layers of aluminum, protective film layers, and heat-stable adhesives so that if a layer breaks down, there’s plenty of backups that will keep you safe.

With proper care and cleaning, you can maintain these clothes for a very long time. Browse our many options of aluminum clothing and safety workwear.

Types of Jobs that Require Aluminum Clothing

There is a range of jobs where their safety in the workplace requires you to wear protective clothing. Your employer wants to make sure you’re protected so that you can do your job effectively and stay safe.

A few examples of jobs that require protective clothing are:

  1. HAZMAT responders
  2. Chemical plant workers
  3. Medical manufacturing workers
  4. Crime scene investigators
  5. Welding

All of these jobs require working with dangerous chemicals and potentially very hot conditions that would require some type of suit to protect yourself. When you’re around potential explosions, you need to be protected all over your body and cover your face.

There are other types, such as crime scene investigators, where you want to keep the scene around you completely untouched. Wearing protective clothing is essential to do it.

If you work in a place that requires these types of suits, your employer will have recommendations so you can get the right clothing for the job.

Dress for Safety and Success

Now that you know what aluminized safety clothing is and where it’s required, you are ready to browse. Your manager will let you know what type of clothing is necessary.

Aluminized safety clothing is for jobs that require protection from extreme heat or working with chemicals that have the potential to explode. The aluminum helps reflect the radiant heat and reduces heat loss, keeping your body protected and at a normal temperature.

Start researching the best-aluminized clothing or keep reading about the latest Fox News tips.

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