What is Costco Travel?

Costco Travel is a service offered by Costco- a bigger company known for selling groceries, affordable gifts, home goods, and clothing. All the other services of Costco are more famous than the travel service offered by it but this does not mean that the travel service offered is any less. This in-house travel agency has been created by Costco to give brilliant and cheap vacation packages to their customers that include different things like hotel rooms, cruises, and many other things. Costco travel has ensured that their prime customers get the best vacation packages so that they can enjoy and relax during their vacations rather than wondering and troubling about things such as cost and hotel rooms. 

Our complete blog here is dedicated to Costco travel and how you can use the travel agency to secure the best deals for yourself. Keep reading the blog to find out everything you can know about Costco travel. 

Costco Membership

As I have already stated above Costco gives out the best plans for its members and this is why you need to know about the membership of Costco and how you can signup for a Costco travel account. There are two kinds of membership that Costco offers:

  • Gold star membership at 60$ per year which provides you access to every store and travel service of Costco.
  • Executive membership at 120$ per year which includes some extra perks along with the gold membership. You will get 2% cashback on your purchases that are made using Costco travel. 

 So, know you see that the membership of Costco is not very costly and you will be getting different benefits when you become a member of Costco. The complete vacation packages of Costco come when you take any member of the company. 

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Costco vacation packages

Unlike different booking portals, Costco has a different system to book vacation packages that include hotels and flights. Many other agencies book your flight as an entirely different option but Costco has included the flight bookings in the Travel packages along with all the tours, hotels, transportation, and other resources. This has made Costco travels more famous than other travel agencies and much more resourceful. 

Costco Cruises

There are many different perks and benefits that are given to you when Costco travels and books cruises for you. You just need to visit the cruise page of the online Costco travel login account and enter the destination for your cruise. You will get different options for your cruise along with a guided land tour and gift cards. You can also choose the rooms and number of people joining the cruise from the online account and even save them before you book them after comparing different cruises. 

Costco Travels

Costco also offers hotel rooms when you are booking complete vacation packages. You will get stand-alone hotel bookings too if you do not want to book all the other services that are offered by Costco. 

We hope that you have gotten the complete information about Costco travel and how you can use the website to book vacation deals.


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