What Is Crowdtesting, What Are Its Benefits, And Why Is It Essential For Businesses?

Every software development company and application developer goes through months of hard work to build a new application or software for their clients. Especially if it is a large enterprise application or a popular game, it will need hundreds of hours and late nights codings to get everything right. And imagine after all this tremendous hard work, resources utilization, expenses, and much more, what if the application doesn’t work perfectly? It is extremely rare for an application to work seamlessly in the first go itself. Especially when the time to market is low and there’s a lot of demand for the application among the general public (we all know about the infamous Cyberpunk 2077). A glitchy and faulty application or software can not only decrease sales of that product but can significantly bring down the brand’s reputation. People will be less interested in the applications or software deployed by that particular brand as they will tend to believe that all its products are error-prone.  So how do you make sure that your audience will love it? 

What better way than letting the people themselves test it for you! Identify their pain points, suggestions, and feedback. This will give you an absolutely brilliant opportunity to improve your product. 

The solution of utilizing the people test your product, services, application, or software is called Crowdtesting. As the name itself indicates, this will include having the different aspects of the program reviewed in detail by a crowd (group of people) who will, definitely, identify any glitch or errors so that they can be repaired. 

But just what is crowd testing? What are its benefits for enterprises and why is it necessary?

Let’s find out.

What is crowd testing? 

As mentioned earlier, crowd testing is when a software development company or test automation services provider depends upon a group of undefined networks of people to test their products. This does not mean that the product is given directly to the people to test right after the development life cycle is complete, The crowd testing is only the second phase of testing, the first being the manual or automated testing conducted by the enterprise. Also, Crowdsourced or Crowdtesting does not mean that the testers involved are only ordinary people with no prior experience in testing. The crowd of testers can include regular people, testers, software developers, quality assurance testers, gamers and much more that come can access the beta version through an online platform. This diversity and complete inclusion of different mindsets in testing are what make crowdtesting one of the most efficient and simple methods to streamline interactive software production. It helps identify bugs across the complete application at a much faster rate, thus significantly improving the quality of the web and software products published by software development companies. 

Benefits of Crowd testing

One of the most notable parts is that crowd testing is not leveraged by companies with a limited number of testers or test infrastructure, it was even utilized by MNCs such as Amazon, Wikipedia, and Facebook. 

Also, these companies were able to successfully identify errors and bugs which illustrates that crowdsourcing or crowd testing can take advantage of the cognitive content of the masses at a low cost and get exceptional outputs. 

Crowdtesting enables software development companies to not just get their products tested by experts from all domains but can also have them tested on all major operating systems, platforms, and devices. The software can be tested across all system configurations, country or region-specific aspects, and especially under real-world conditions. Development companies testing capabilities with tier in-house test service can be limited and may be able to perform one test at a time. Crowd testing helps the developers get test results on all aspects of testing such as:

  • Functional testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Usability testing
  • Localization testing


Given that our crowd comprehends testers in all time zones, there are always testers accessible, no matter the time of day. This comes in peculiarly convenient when working late at night trying to meet a deadline. 


Outsmart competitor testing or application/software development companies because crowdsourced testing services are available on very short notice and empower enterprises to get results in as little as a few hours. 

Realworld multistage testing: 

When outsourcing to individuals across the globe, the enterprise application, software, or products are likely to be used on a much wider variety of hardware and software combinations that otherwise would be impossible by the enterprise architecture. These include previous version browsers (this is extremely essential because modern-day enterprises will only have the latest browsers and technologies), other operating systems, and unique hardware or gaming devices. A large crowd of testers is working in the real world therefore, it is essential to make sure that the product is tested in various real-world environments and on different types of hardware and software combinations that are applicable to real-life users.

Why is crowd testing essential for every business?

With crowd testing or Crowdsourced Testing, it is essential to constantly review the test result of every person involved with the testing or participating in software testing projects to ensure great results. Further, a tester gets concerned in projects, and the enhanced his work, the more likely the tester presents confidence to test other clients’ projects. Since a large number of testers are involved in the complete testing process, the enterprises must make sure that efficient communication is maintained with every tester. With the help of proper communication or documentation of test results, the software development company will not suffer through the pitfalls often associated with traditional crowdsourcing such as: 

  • Poor results
  • Incomplete bug descriptions
  • Language barriers
  • Delay in error correction

The main task is to help web and software development companies deliver their projects on time and on budget by providing them with excellent quality assurance testing services at flexible hours. When testers know about the clients for a long time and understand reality then testers easily understood the client’s problem and resolve those problems smoothly. Hence, the output witnessed increased interest and adoption, meanwhile, many crowdsourced testing products have arisen. 


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