What is Funeral Stationery and When it is needed?

 What is Funeral Stationery and When it is needed?

Funeral stationery is a simple way of personalising funeral arrangements, providing a unique opportunity to personalise the funeral and create a truly intimate send off to loved ones who have passed.

Funeral stationery is not an integral part of the send-off; however, they can help transform a sombre send off to a heartfelt goodbye and a celebration of life. There are lots of different types of funeral stationary that can make the day of the funeral more unique. Below is a list of the different funeral stationary and when it may be used.

Order of service

An order of service is an integral part of the funeral stationery. An order of service is a booklet detailing the events of the day, as well as any additional information the attendees may need, including where the wake is held, the lyrics to any hymns, poems or songs featured during the service. You can write and design your own order of service or browse funeral order of service templates online for some inspiration.

Announcement cards

Announcement cards are used, as the name suggests, to announce the passing of someone. The card will detail who has passed, as well as information about their funeral arrangements, including a time, date, and place. The announcement card essentially functions as an invitation to the funeral and can be an easier way of breaking the news to individuals, rather than delivering the news yourself it is a particularly difficult thing.

Attendance cards

Attendance cards are designed to help you keep track of who attended the funeral. For a particularly formal funeral, the family of the deceased may want to express their thanks to each individual who attended. Announcement cards make this task a lot easier. For example, if individuals have given flowers for their condolences, it is important to keep track to share your thanks.

Welcome boards

A welcome board is the first thing attendees will see when they arrive at the funeral. A welcome board makes sure they are greeted with a message of welcome as they arrive. Welcome boards are not crucial to the funeral, but they can be important if your loved one requested a unique funeral. Such as if they requested a funeral to celebrate their life rather than mourn their death. The welcome board might be filled with statements from the deceased, or a collection of their well-known phrases to make those arriving smile.


A bookmark is a sweet way to give the funeral attendees a keepsake of the one who has passed. Bookmarks can include a poem or hymn, or other words of expression, as well as a picture of the one who has passed. Bookmarks will ensure your loved one is always remembered. A bookmark may not be ideal for everyone, but if the one who has passed was a teacher, writer, etc, a bookmark can be perfect.

Memory boards

Funeral memory boards are a unique addition to the funeral and offer a more pleasant goodbye. Memory boards come in a selection of sizes and typically debut pictures of the deceased with their friends and family to capture the best parts of their life. A memory board is designed to offer happy and pleasant memories across the deceased’s life and allow attendees the opportunity to discuss the highs of their life. Rather than focusing on death. For this reason, memory boards are a lovely addition for those who prefer to have a celebration of life type of funeral service. However, they can be useful for any type of service.

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