What Is GPS Fleet Tracking? A Quick Guide

 What Is GPS Fleet Tracking? A Quick Guide

The Electronic Logging Device rule requires commercial drivers to electronically log their records of duty. Luckily, GPS fleet tracking makes it easy for fleet owners and operators to stay compliant by automatically tracking location, routes, and operations. 

Plus, GPS fleet tracking software can increase productivity, revenue, and security for your fleet and drivers. 

Keep reading to learn all about GPS fleet tracking and how your fleet can benefit from the software.

What Exactly Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and locate commercial vehicles and operators in real-time. This means you can see where your fleet, and product, are at all times.

GPS fleet tracking can also manage your fleet. It creates and maintains digital records so you and your drivers don’t have to.

Overall, GPS tracking improves the efficiency of your fleet, which keeps customers satisfied. Plus, it ensures you’re following industry rules and regulations.

How Does it Work?

A small location-detecting device, also known as a GPS tracker car, can be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port or installed permanently. 

The device will capture location data as well as additional information such as hours of operation, speed, and fuel usage.

Once the data is captured from the device, it is sent to a local server or a mobile device via a wireless network. 

Benefits of GPS Fleet Management

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking go beyond just location management. Here are some of the biggest benefits for fleet managers and drivers.

Route Optimization

GPS tracking systems help connect drivers to the nearest jobs. This means more efficient deliveries based on driver’s routes.

For example, if you receive a new load order, you can give that load to a driver who is already on that route or close by. No more having drivers go out of their way.

GPS tracking also monitors delivery times and analyzes distribution patterns. This means you can be sure products are delivered on time (and smoothly) and see areas of operation where you could be saving time and money.

Extra Security

GPS tracking devices help protect your vehicle and products from theft. You always know where your vehicles are at all times. So, if one is missing, you can recover it and any valuables that may be with it.

Some fleet tracking software can also alert you if a vehicle is operating when it shouldn’t be.

Save Money

More optimized routes will save money on fuel and operating costs.

Plus, drivers will be less likely to speed and operate outside of work hours, reducing fuel costs as well as the risk of costly speeding tickets.

The Bottom Line: GPS Fleet Tracking Is Worth it

As you can see, GPS fleet tracking software tracks and manages your fleet’s whereabouts and provides many benefits for your business and drivers.

We highly recommend finding a fleet tracking system that works for you. Spend less time recording and managing and more time improving your bottom line.

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