What is Super App and Why to Create One for Your On-demand Business?

 What is Super App and Why to Create One for Your On-demand Business?

In the last few years, people are so excited to know everything about super apps. The current app market is quite competitive and thinking around the same concept will no longer help entrepreneurs. A bit of unconventional thought processing is what would do good to sustain in the market. 

The concept of super apps is familiar in the Asian market and it is yet to go global. But the announcements from leading companies make sure that Super apps are going to take place in the next few years.  In this blog, let us discuss what’s cooking these companies to venture into this market. 

What is a Super app?

Our mobile phones are decked out with numerous apps which we use for different purposes. Each app has its own purpose to accomplish. I’m pretty sure that all your mobile phones will have at least one app from each category – taxi app, food app, mobile wallet, e-commerce app, etc. 

But aren’t we all tired of using these many apps on our mobile phones? A Super app is a blessing in disguise for sure. They provide solutions to all our multiple needs and requirements through one app. The app literally offers all types of services like taxi booking, mobile wallets, grocery delivery, etc. 

With an app of this category, you can bid adieu to a pile of apps on your mobile phones. To put it in a simple phrase, they are a one-stop solution for all our on-demand services. 

Launching a super app like Gojek has become easy with white-label solutions like the Gojek clone app.

How PayPal and Square are bracing up for an entry into the market?

Super apps are popular among Asian countries and the wave is yet to strike in the US market. There are talks in the town that soon America will witness its first-ever Super app. 

PayPal, a leading multinational financial technology company has already figured out a model for their Super app. Sources close to the company announced that their consumer digital wallet is ready to meet the market. 

They are planning to add a few more services related to finance and e-commerce options. There are also chances that they might add an e-shopping tool in the app.

It has drawn inspiration from apps like Alipay and Wechat to develop a perfect version for the US market. Their major focus is to go beyond financial services and offer a whole new pack of services for people. 

Square is quite familiar in the US, well-known as a cash app. The app was a big hit in the market that enabled people to send and receive money without any hassles. On the other hand, it also provides a merchant version to help them receive their transactions effortlessly. 

The app is revamping itself to become a hub for all financial services. The Cash app has a feature called the “ Direct Deposit” where the employees can get their wages immediately at the end of the day. Businesses that use Cash’s financial services will provide wages for the employees on a daily basis. This makes them not wait for payday checks. 

The company is working on ideas to turn it into a perfect Super app to access all the financial services. With this app, the users can buy stocks, plan their financial commitment and they can even get a bank loan. 

Why would it be a better option for entrepreneurs to launch a Super app?

Super apps are making a big revolution in the market. Remember how Gojek became a forerunner in the industry. Owing to their popularity, the Gojek clone became a sought-after option. After Gojek, apps like Alipay also became a revolutionary hit in China. It has become more common there for people to pay their bills and services through Alipay. Super app development has become the necessary thing in the on-demand world.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, people are almost frustrated with using several apps. What if they could get all their on-demand services from a single destination? Looks like a piece of cake, right? This is what they need from entrepreneurs like you.

Convincing reasons to launch your Super app

When discussing the reputation of Super apps, we could understand its scope and impact on the market.  Let us explore some of the compelling reasons to kick start a business in this respective genre,

Easy to use and handy in nature 

How about launching a multi-purpose app for the users? As people are bound to stuff their mobile phones with several apps for specific services. Why not take a break from all those apps? To do so, they need an app where they can find all their services at a single destination.

This will be easy and convenient for them to acquire their needs effortlessly. Imagine people ordering food and taxis from the same app. Looks interesting, right?

Great medium to generate high revenue  

The ultimate goal of a business is revenue generation. As entrepreneurs, they might think of myriad ways to streamline their revenue options. But in this type of app, you offer a plethora of services to people. Hence, the revenue generation options will also be more. 

The transactions that your users will carry out in the business app, will add more value to the app. Through this businesses will have more options to earn revenue effortlessly.

Cost – saving option 

Maintaining different apps is a challenging task that needs more finances to handle. For example, you are already owning two or three apps on your own. You tend to spend more on the maintenance of the app. 

But owning an app where almost all the on-demand services are covered will be an added-on. This will help you cut down your cost on several grounds.

A better experience for the users

User experience is the major concern of an app.  The app will take down all the information about the users and their transactions carried out with different services. They can analyze their online transactions and the AI-powered system can predict their preference and priorities. 

This special technology embedded in the app will add more value to the app. It can act as a perfect tool to catalyze your business. For entrepreneurs who are looking to provide the power of booking a number of on-demand services through a single app, the multi-services app development solution is the best way to create the app.

Wrapping up

The demand for apps has increased flawlessly in recent years. Post-pandemic, people have become more choosy about apps as they have become an integral part of our lives. A Super app is what the recent trends demand. This is the time to pile up all your skills and exhibit in a best-in-class platform like Super App.


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