What is the best candle for your healthy home?

 What is the best candle for your healthy home?

How to select the right candle for your home

A candle lit at the end of a stressful day or week can be a great way to relax and unwind. We can help choose a healthy, non-toxic candle that best suits your beliefs. The best alternative to regular paraffin candles is pure Australian beeswax candles, soy, coconut, and hemp wax candles. The most natural, pure, and closest to nature beeswax candles can provide amazing benefits for your health, indoor air quality, and overall well-being. Vegans will appreciate a non-GMO, sustainable, and 100% plant wax.

Avoid candles

There are many types of candles, with paraffin wax being the most popular. Paraffin wax, a byproduct of fossil fuels, and a paraffin candle can cause indoor air quality problems. Paraffin candles can release toxic chemicals into the air, including known carcinogens toluene or benzene. These candles emit harmful chemicals from artificial fragrances and dyes. Cheap candles can also contain lead wicks.

How to choose the right plant wax candles

Paraffin candles are not a healthy alternative. Vegans can use waxes made from plant materials, such as hemp, coconut, or soy.

Always ensure that candle packaging clearly states all ingredients and not just vegetable wax. A lot of “soy” candles only contain a small amount of soy wax. The rest is either palm oil or paraffin.

Particularly soy should be taken care of as they are susceptible to pesticides and genetic modification. If you’re looking for a soy candle to buy, here are some things to keep in mind. Make sure the packaging says 100% soy, and it does not contain any paraffin or palm oils. You should avoid using scents, but you can choose soy candles Melbourne that are scented with pure essential oils if you do want a scented candle.  Make sure the wick is 100% cotton and doesn’t contain any lead or zinc

We stock soy candles made by divine store in Australia. Divine store guarantees that the candle’s wax is non-GMO and sustainably sourced from Australia plantations. These candles are vegan-friendly and made with cotton wicks. They are also free of paraffin. Biome stocks only divine store candles made with pure essential oils and no artificial fragrances.

The beauty of Australian honey wax candles

Beeswax candles are the purest and most minimally processed. When burned, beeswax emits a mild honey aroma making these candles perfect for those who appreciate a relaxing atmosphere but don’t want to overpower it.

The purification of your air is also possible with the use of beeswax candles. The negative ions that beeswax releases when it is burned are believed to be due to its ability to purify the air. Because they possess a positive charge, pollen, dust, and bacteria are suspended in the atmosphere. When beeswax is burned, the negative ions are bound with the positive. This creates a complete chemical, which is heavier than air and falls to the ground. You can naturally keep your home free from pollen, dust, and other pollutants by vacuuming every week and lighting beeswax candles. Quality beeswax candles will burn longer than a soy or paraffin candles if they are well made. Because the wax is not treated with chemicals, they have a golden glow and a longer burn time. The following are the things to look out for when buying a beeswax candle:

  • Pure, Australian-made, high-quality beeswax, which has been harvested sustainably.
  • Pure cotton wicks that do not contain lead or zinc
  • Natural beeswax, not colored or fragranced.

We love divine store beeswax candles at Australia. Made with 100% Australian beeswax, they are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sydney. Each divine store candle is a beautiful addition to any home. You can see how much love and care has gone into each one.

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