What Is the Best PDF OCR Software Available? A Guide

 What Is the Best PDF OCR Software Available? A Guide

PDFs are one of the most important file types in the world. But have you ever wished you could edit a PDF file? Hard luck. Unlike word documents, PDFs aren’t made for editing.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software lets you convert your PDFs into editable files. You can also combine PDFs and split them into separate files.

But how do you choose the best PDF OCR software? There are a lot of choices, and you might feel a bit lost.

Keep reading for key tips on choosing the best OCR software.

What Is PDF OCR Software?

OCR software identifies and encodes characters in written text. You can then edit the content like a word document.

You can process hard copies of the text, as well as PDFs. Some OCR software recognizes and deciphers handwriting. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) helps OCR software spot writing styles and specific languages.

You can also use the best OCR software to extract tables from PDFs and text from images. It is a pragmatic, versatile technology.

Without OCR software, you would need to type out text into a word document to edit it. This is time-consuming. And OCR technology is vital for document processing in business, personal, and education settings.

What Features Do I Need?

To function as an OCR tool, the best OCR software needs several features. Here are the main things to look for:

  • Language Recognition – This will let you process, translate, and store multiple languages.
  • Search Function – Search helps you find specific parts of documents, saving you time and effort.
  • Multiple Formats – Make sure your OCR software supports PDF, MS Office, JPGs, and any others you might need.
  • Signature Tool – This lets you sign documents without first printing them.
  • Layout Analysis – Lets you keep the original document layout after conversion.
  • Team Sharing – A share function lets colleagues view and edit your documents.

There are more features available, but these are the key ones for OCR. Assess how you will use OCR, then match your needs to the right software. Speed, accuracy, storage capacities, price, and ease of use are key considerations.

Customization And Control For dotNET Developers

For those of you who are programmers, you might want a higher degree of control when using OCR. You can use C# to program exactly what you want to extract and process in dotNET.

There are a few systems with this functionality. The best provide a solid API for OCR PDF C# and dotNET developers to process language documents.

Prefer a User Interface (UI)? Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Abby Flexicapture, and even Google Doc AI could be enough.  

Want More Tech Tips?

We hope you enjoyed these tips on choosing the right PDF OCR software for you. OCR is an essential tool, and it can save you time when you need it most.

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