What Is The Best Place To Buy A USA-Made KN95 Mask?

 What Is The Best Place To Buy A USA-Made KN95 Mask?

Protectly is pleased to offer the long-awaited USA-Made KN95 Masks. KN95 Masks cannot be imported from any other country due to the recent FDA EUA revocation for imported KN95 masks. Protectly created the most high-quality KN95 face masks available due to the demand KN95 mask made in USA. This is because Americans have been asking for USA-made masks. Protectly KN95 masks are manufactured according to the highest standards and using 100% USA materials.

Kn95 mask made in USA

Protectly KN95 masks feel soft on the skin and are FDA-Registered. These masks are made in compliance with USA standards. They have been independently tested for >95% bacterial filtration efficiency and >95% particle filtration efficiency. Nelson Labs independently tested the mask to confirm that it meets the KN95 standard for >95% bacterial and particle filtration efficiency. The choice between the two masks is up to personal preference. The earloop design is more comfortable for longer periods of wear. For tight seals around the face, the N95 mask can be used in high-contamination areas or when traveling. Both masks are recommended!

Protectly stocks three sizes of the USA Made KN95 Mask in stock, as well as an adjustable ear loop option.

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