What is the Easiest Way to Invest in Gold?

Out of several investment plans running since ancient times, people love to invest in gold. Gold gives a surety of getting higher returns over a long period. It is the main reason why people consider it the most favorite investment thing. But as gold is an expensive material to purchase, it is difficult for the middle-class family to invest in.

So, here we have shared a few easiest ways to invest money in gold for beginners. Following the quick gold investment guide, you can make a better decision to invest your spare funds with a long-term goal.

Top 4 Easiest Ways To Make An Investment In Gold


Unsurprisingly, investing in gold jewelry is one of the safest and most traditional ways. And if you buy it from a reputable seller, you prevent yourself from adulteration.

Though it is quick to purchase gold jewelry such as chains, rings, bracelets, and all, there is a consequence that cuts throat making changes. If your only purpose is to buy Gold and resell it at a higher rate in the long future, you will receive the actual amount after jewelry making deductions.

Solid Gold (Coins, Bars, Biscuits)

Solid Gold is one of the safest ways to invest and get 100% returns on sales. You can contact the authorized gold manufacturer to purchase a solid form of 24-carat gold in the shape of a gold bar, coin, or biscuit.

However, the only disadvantage of buying a solid state of Gold is liquidity. As you need a good amount to purchase a gold bar, at the time of selling out, you may face trouble in finding a good customer.

Digital Gold

People are always afraid to keep their gold jewelry safe from thieves. To overcome their worry, nowadays, digital Gold is introduced into the market that’s valued as equivalent to physical Gold.

If you want to invest in Gold without worrying about theft or deductions at the time of resale, purchasing digital Gold would be the best option.

Several digital money wallet providers like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, and other fintech companies have opened the door to welcome you to invest funds in Gold. It’s a paperless buying option where you can start investing at as low as Rs.1.

The best part of buying digital Gold is that it is safe and always ready to liquidate in an emergency.

SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bonds)

SGBs is a government scheme that was started in 2015 under the supervision of RBI (Reserve Bank of India). The Sovereign Gold Bond scheme is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to invest your money in Gold.

However, after purchasing the bond, you need to wait for a lock-in period to get the maturity bonus. But the best part of SGBs is; that you can save in income tax, get loans against your purchased gold bond, earn additional interest, and a lot more benefits.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the ways mentioned above to purchase gold, you can also go with Gold ETF, SIP, or Mutual Funds. These schemes can be the best for investing in Gold for beginners, and the main reason is that it won’t need a good amount, to begin with.

The bottom line is; thoroughly understand the refund or resell policy of the schemes before investing your money in Gold.

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