What is the most popular clothing in 2021

 What is the most popular clothing in 2021

Once upon a time, nautical clothing was functional work clothing for fishermen and everyone whose work was directly connected to the sea. Above all, it had to be weatherproof, robust and clearly visible in the dark. Over the decades it went through a tremendous change and became socially acceptable. Details have been modified, but the basic elements have always remained the same: blue and white are the favorite colors of maritime fashion, often complemented by bright yellow and bright red. Today, the marine look is part of every well-stocked wardrobe because it is wonderfully youthful and goes with it quite a few occasions.

As early as the 15th century, seafarers wore calf-length dungarees, rubber boots and over them water-repellent smocks. In the 18th century, the “matelote” became the most popular item of clothing among dockworkers in French port cities and soon became a trademark of young revolutionaries. Around 50 years later, the sailor suit was a common sight on the streets. It consisted of dark blue dungarees and a loose smock with a square collar that covered the entire shoulder area. The collar actually had the purpose of protecting the garment from wear and tear, but it soon became a fashionable identifier and was modified in many ways. Designers later developed the tie from the typical scarf of the sailor’s costume. Around the middle of the 19th century, the functional outfit changed to clothing, for which fashion aspects played the main role. Women also liked to show themselves in maritime garments, with white blouses and dark blue pleated skirts. Under Coco Chanel, the sailor look experienced a tremendous upswing. All maritime looks from today’s manufacturers are inspired by the original style, but modify it in a variety of ways.

The yellow “Ostfriesennerz” has long since left the niche of functional work clothing and is now a fashion accessory that can also be worn in the city. Every coastal inhabitant has it in their closet and holidaymakers also love the yellow anorak due to its advantageous properties. The typical outfit also includes rubber boots, blue and white sweaters and overalls. As soon as a top model wears maritime fashion, the trend is on everyone’s lips and the manufacturers immediately implement it in their new collections. Actually, maritime fashion is always up to date, because it is wearable at any age and wonderfully versatile. There is hardly a fashion label that does not have a maritime line in its range. Blue and white clothing always looks fresh and well-groomed and can be wonderfully combined.

Today’s maritime fashion is primarily leisure fashion, with the transition to functional clothing being fluid. Anyone who dresses in the colors of the sea is definitely not committing a faux pas and can be seen everywhere. Regardless of whether you are looking for trendy inspiration with a sea breeze aura or functional clothing for a specific water sport, the market offers maritime outfits for every taste and budget. Water sports fans should also check out the pandablue.com website . From ropes to navigation systems, there is everything to do with boating, and of course cool clothing for the whole family.

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