What is the Purpose of a Socket Set and What are its Different Types?

 What is the Purpose of a Socket Set and What are its Different Types?

A socket set is a multifaceted and expedient bundle of tools in the form of a kit that helps its users to deal with different types and sizes of fasteners and is suitable for a wide range of nuts and bolts. The number of tools can vary from set to set depending upon its size like a 1/4″ drive socket set has 73 pieces of different tools that have a diverse range of applications. These socket sets usually come in boxes, pouches, or handy cases and have interchangeable attachments. 

There is a huge number of nuts and bolts available in many different sizes and shapes that ad-ons are not offered by one socket set kit for every type of fastener that you know about. Fastener types and sizes are different in a large number; therefore, the socket set might have sockets for the majority of them but not all. 

Socket sets also vary depending on the types of tools combined and placed inside. Therefore, knowing what specific types of nuts and bolts you will encounter in your work is an important factor in deciding which socket set will be the best for you. Socket sets like 1/4″ drive socket set snap on, Halfords, bahco, Toolstation, screw fix etc. are some of the best stores providing the best quality socket sets.

Types of Socket Sets

The main differentiating factors among these sets are majorly based on the range of fasteners that they are made to fit, the sizes like a 1/4″ drive socket set Halfords and the kit configuration of the socket set’s different sections.

Sometimes you can purchase a whole set of only one type of socket therefore, it is important to be aware of them.

Impact Socket Sets

The functions and applications of impact socket drivers could be similar to any other socket sets but the only difference here is that these are specifically designed to be used with power tools such as electric air wrenches.

The application demands of impact sockets are high and in order to meet these demands they are casted from soft but thick alloys which includes chrome molybdenum steel and they are made corrosion free by dipping in it frequently. 1/4’’ socket set Bahco is one of the finest qualities you can find in the market. 

Deep Socket Sets

They’re additionally more broadly accessible in more modest sets or as individual connections than normal attachments – outside of auto conditions, it’s genuinely normal to see tool stash with a full supplement of standard-length attachments, in addition to a smaller choice of profound attachments for more infrequent employments. Toolstation socket set is a good choice if you want to buy one.

Hex Socket Sets

Hex socket set includes hexagonal six-sided nuts or bolts. They are specifically designed to fit in these six-sided bolts. These sockets are applicable to a wide variety of fasteners that is why they are preferable to be used on a day-to-day basis based on their versatility. It also provides a reliable source for tightening or loosening because of its six points of contact. A ¼ drive socket set can fit in such tools.

12-Point Socket Sets

12-point socket sets are also known as bi-hex socket sets and work on the same principle as the hex sockets but they feature twice the number of inner faces and point of contacts. Which means that they give us 12 points of contact with the fasteners which makes it even more versatile than the hex sockets. It also helps to place the sockets over the fasteners quicker and allows square headed nuts and bolts to be lodged. Screwfix socket sets have an excellent line of these sets. One drawback of bi-hex sockets is that too much force may be exerted on the fasteners during the contact which may result in the stripping of the fasteners because of too much applied torque. 

Imperial Socket Sets

Imperial sockets sets include the kind of sockets that deal with fasteners whose heads are measured in inches or taken as fractions of inches. The metric system is more preferred today around the world but this was also an acceptable standard at some point. The metric system takes measurements in millimeters and is considered as a more precise measuring system. However even today you will find many nuts or bolts that conform to the imperial standards. This is most commonly found in old machinery. If your work involves encountering both types of fasteners then it is better to invest in both types of socket kits ¼ drive socket set.

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