What makes Craig Raucher so famous at present?

It is a fact that the name Craig Raucher is quite familiar to any person linked with different types of logistics businesses in America. This individual has the distinction of holding the premier position in several well-known organizations such as DHL Airways INC and Skynet Worldwide Express. He supervised a large-scale reorganization procedure while he had been the Total Freight Solutions Global senior vice president. Here, he had to integrate a number of international as well as domestic functions within a single-source provider. 

A well-known business executive

Raucher has the distinction of working in as many as 4 large-scale companies as a well-known business executive in the shipping industry. He dedicated 3 decades of his life to enhancing the logistics industry. In 1975, he got a degree in Business Administration and got his employment at DHL Airways. He also donned the post of general manager and vice president at Skynet Express after gaining adequate experience in this department. He also worked in a couple of other companies including Total Freight Solutions and Express Delivery Systems. 

An experienced sportsman

His endeavor resulted in the establishment of a successful sales team that was responsible for expanding sales by as many as $17 million and he was able to achieve $57 million in the corporate revenue department as a whole. He has more than 3 decades of experience under his belt being the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic League director. Raucher is known to arrange competitions two times every week among amateur athletes whose age is between 30 and 40 years.

His preferred pastime

It has already been mentioned earlier that this person happens to be the Staten Island Basketball League director. He started playing basketball once again two times every week just like many other middle-aged and passionate basketball players. The venue at which these basketball matches take place is PS8, The Robert Fulton School, which is situated in Great Kills, Staten Island. Moreover, these matches happen on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings every week.

There is no doubt about the fact that Craig Raucher is extremely hard-working and sincere. It is important for you to remain focused on your life at all times. However, let us not forget that the journey might not be very easy for you always. But, you must never give up at any point in time. You will achieve success in the long run in case you go on persisting without fail.

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