What Rivers In Europe Can I Book A Cruise On?

 What Rivers In Europe Can I Book A Cruise On?

European river cruises let you explore the historic cities of Europe. You can float down some of the most famous rivers in the world, enjoy passing sights while experiencing both major and small towns on your way. Cruises in Europe offer a great way to see the world and not deal with flying or stressful transit. During your excursion you will be able to see and visit medieval castles, cathedrals, and palaces during sightseeing stop offs, explore fantastic cities during daily shore excursions, all while relaxing in your room at night, only for it all to start over again when you wake up. There are many places to go on a river cruise, but we’ve picked the top five river destinations in Europe you should add to your bucket list.

Seine River

Seine River cruise takes you through the heart of France, focusing heavily on sightseeing in and around Paris. The cruises also include parts of the English Channel, stops in Giverny, Rouen, and Normandy. Seine river cruises are great for romantic couples, culturists, or art lovers. They give access to all that is beautiful about France while traveling by boat down this historic waterway. With many tours available, from daylong excursions to luxury multi-day adventures aboard small ships specifically designed for maximum comfort, we have something special just waiting for everyone.

Main River

The Main river cruise is the best way to experience Germany. Wine and beer connoisseurs, as well as WWII history buffs, will offer an exciting tour of some of Germany’s top attractions, including Heidelberg Castle, Marksburg castle (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Speyer Cathedral; along with sampling local wines and beers.The Main River connects with the Rhine and Danube Rivers, allowing travelers to extend their vacation through Austria.

Danube River

A first-time cruise lover must take the Danube River Cruise to Eastern Europe. The river flows through multiple countries, including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary, making it easy for travelers to visit Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and more. As part of the Danube river cruise, one can discover Vienna’s Baroque monasteries and medieval towns. Float through the Austrian Lake District while organizing some fantastic things to do in Budapest. Many people take a trip down the Danube for an epic river cruise, as it stretches across 1,777 miles of Europe.

Rhone River

For those who have a taste for wine, those who are on their honeymoon, as well for those who are into visiting historic landmarks, the Rhone River is an 813km river with splendid sites to see from Switzerland to France. Spend your days exploring Roman ruins of Arles or Avignon’s gothic buildings; visit the ancient city, Lyon, with UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, while wandering around looking for vineyards to discover in Burgundy. After a one-of-a-kind experience of the French countryside, cruisers will enjoy panoramic views from their ship as they cruise along the Rhone River and enter its mouth at the Mediterranean Sea.

Douro River

Cruising the Douro River is an excellent choice for those with a passion for food, history, and music. There are also many opportunities to experience the above-mentioned. A cruise on the Douro River offers many experiences that provide an opportunity to enjoy your favorite things – good food, rich history, and lively entertainment. With a luxurious cruise through the Spanish and Portuguese countryside, you will enjoy traditional flamenco shows, local cafes, and memorable food/wine tastings. It’s an ideal way to spend a brilliant weekend in Spain and Portugal.

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