What to Do If Your BlackBerry Screen Is Broken

 What to Do If Your BlackBerry Screen Is Broken

I searched the internet for hours attempting to figure out how to replace a BlackBerry screen without destroying the device. Yes, my BlackBerry 8330 shattered the screen when it slid from my desk and collided with the wheel of my chair! There’s nothing quite like a “CrackedBerry!” I was irritated… Anyway, I couldn’t find any good instructions, so I though I’d share what worked for me because I was able to fix it without scratching the outside of my BlackBerry. Yea! But don’t hold it against me if you scratch yours…I’m not responsible. Simply take your time when doing it. 🙂 Don’t panic if you dropped your BlackBerry and broke the screen; it’s easy to repair. You can repair a shattered BlackBerry screen yourself! First and foremost, you must locate a BlackBerry screen that is compatible with your device. Cellular Nationwide Network was where I got mine.

My components arrived on Wednesday, April 28th, after I ordered them on Thursday, April 22nd. Not bad, and the parts came from China as well! The new BlackBerry screen cost roughly $6, and I spent around $5 on a cool blue trackball and a blue chrome outer ring. The cost of shipping and handling was set at $5. That was ideal for me at $17. The parts were safe in a little heavy box that was sealed by an envelope with bubble wrap when I received the item. The contents of the box were secure and came on time. I was ecstatic with how quickly the item arrived! The screen was in fantastic condition, with protective tape on both sides, as well as double-sided tape that perfectly suited the outside of the screen to secure the new BlackBerry screen! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Here are the instructions for “How to Replace a Broken BlackBerry Screen.” Hardware and other necessities:

1. A little flathead screwdriver – the tiniest of screwdrivers. I used one that was about 1/16″ wide but long enough to comfortably fit in your hand.

2. A pointed-end Xacto knife with a sharp blade.

3. A 3″ × 3″ piece of paper, folded in half in five equal pieces.

4. The new BlackBerry screen comes with a double-sided sticky tape. You’ll need to carefully remove all of the pre-cut holes, and the sides are quite thin…you don’t want to rip it.

5. a tin of AIR Before installing the new screen, make sure there is no dust inside.

6. A delicate cotton cloth (NO PAPER!           

It’ll scratch it!) that won’t scratch the BlackBerry’s screen or LCD screen.

Before putting on the new screen, you’ll use this to make sure there are no ugly fingerprints on the screen or that the LCD screen hasn’t been unintentionally touched.

Now you’re ready to take out the broken or cracked BlackBerry screen and replace it.

1. Breaking off the silver piece at the top of the screen is the key to removing it without completely ruining the lovely edges surrounding the screen.

Using the screwdriver, carefully break off the silver component from the bad screen.

I inserted the screwdriver about 1/2 millimetre into the ear slot and twisted and broke the silver piece off.

2. Take the folded piece of paper out of the envelope.

When prying up the screen with the screwdriver, this will safeguard the exterior corners of your BlackBerry.

a. I tucked the folded piece of paper under the screen where the silver piece was and twisted the screwdriver tip to pry up the screen’s edge. If you use the screwdriver to lift the screen, you’ll destroy the edges of your BlackBerry’s screen.

b. I then slipped the piece of paper, along with the screwdriver, over to the side that was giving away the easiest, and twisted once again. I carefully followed the pattern until the top was free of the manufacturer’s stickiness.

c. Then work down the sides…you can use additional pieces of paper to hold up the screen and avoid having to redo the work you’ve already done. The area surrounding the keys and trackball should not need to be touched once the sides have been loosened…it should lift right up.

Your screen should be turned off at this moment!’

3. Check that the new BlackBerry screen fits by removing the transparent plastic protectors from each side of the new screen and making sure there is no dirt in the area where the new screen will go. Spray it with air – don’t blow on it, or you’ll spit on the LCD screen.

That is something that some of you will do. Oh well, it’s your decision.

4. Once you’ve confirmed that it fits, apply the double-sided tape to the BlackBerry first…

The tape should not be place on the BlackBerry’s screen. It’s time-consuming to double-check that everything is in position, that all of the cut-outs are align with the device, and that the tape isn’t covering the LCD screen. You can reposition it slightly once it’s in the appropriate place…use a Xacto knife or the edge of a screwdriver to make sure the tape is firmly push on the BlackBerry once it’s down.

5. Now comes the difficult part…installing the BlackBerry screen.

a. Check for fingerprints and dust on the LCD and the BlackBerry!

Use excellent lighting and an angle to examine whether there are any pieces that need to be removed.

If there were any fingerprints, I remove them with hot, wet air by opening my lips and breathing on them, then wiping them away with a delicate towel. Then I blew any dust particles away with the Air. When you’re finish, double-check the BlackBerry screen and the LCD.

Free of fingerprints and dust.

b. Remove the adhesive covering on the double sided tape that is already in place if it is “Good-to-Go.”

This was a challenge for me… To remove the adhesive covering, I had to use the Xacto knife. Because the tape is so thin, you’ll want to make sure you get all of the paper. It will come off, leaving you with the transparent adhesive to set the screen on.

c. Place the BlackBerry Screen onto the adhesive with care.

I began on the left side by aligning the screen with the unit’s edge, keeping an eye on the location of the screen in relation to the keys and top of the BlackBerry.

While doing so, be careful not to get fingerprints on the screen.

6. Congratulations, you should have successfully replaced your cracked BlackBerry Screen without harming or damaging your phone, and it should now be as good as new!

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