What to do When the Brother Printer is in an Error State?

 What to do When the Brother Printer is in an Error State?

Brother is a top Japanese printer manufacturing company. The printer models of Brother are very robust. Their simple interfaces allow you to use the printer reliably. You can add your device to several systems. Using the network, the user can also share the Brother printer. While using the Brother printer, it may show the error state.

Reasons behind Brother printer error state

  1. Brother printer is not connected
  2. Printer services are not working
  3. The user is sending an invalid print command
  4. The printer software is not working
  5. Cartridge error
  6. The printhead is not moving

Resolving Brother printer error state

Run printer troubleshooter

When the Brother printer shows any error while running, use the printer troubleshooter. Your device can get errors when some of the files stop working. To repair those files, you can run the troubleshooter. The printer troubleshooter will inspect all printer-related files on the PC. Open your Windows computer and then click on the Update and Security tab. Search for the troubleshooter and click on Printer. The troubleshooting tool will repair the files. After repairing, retry to use your Brother printer.

Reconnect your Brother device

You can get an error state when the printer is not connected. You can try reconnecting the printer to the system. While connecting the printer, ensure that the cable is working. If the printer cable is loose or damaged then replace it. Use the high-speed cable to connect Brother printer to PC. Your Brother printer won t connect to wifi if the WPS pin is disabled. Go to the router and inspect its WPS pin. Restart the router and enable your WPS. Now immediately press the Wi-Fi button of the Brother printer. Your printer must start searching for the available networks. Choose your network and then create the printer connection. Now go to the connected PC and send a print command. Choose the Brother printer from the list and check for error messages.

Restart your Brother printer

When the printer device is not working and showing the error state then try to power restart it. Sometimes the services stop working and the printer shows an error state. When the Brother printer is ON, remove the power cable. Go to the computer and restart it. Now connect the power cable to the Brother printer and wait to restart. Open a file and click on the print option. Select Brother printer and check the device for printouts.

Update the Brother printer driver

Your Brother printer can show errors when its driver is not working. The user has to fix the printer software to create communication. Without the correct printer driver, the Brother printer can’t read the print jobs. You need this software on the commanding system. Also, check the printer driver to ensure that you have installed the correct driver. You can’t use the driver of another printer model. Install the correct Brother driver on the PC. For the correct driver, check the new update. Update your printer software to the latest version and then check the error. Many times, the driver files get corrupted and can’t update. For this error, you should reinstall the driver. Uninstall the driver from the computer and install new Brother software. After driver installation, reconnect the computer to the Brother printer and take the printouts.

Check the cartridges

Your printer can get into errors when the cartridges are not installed correctly. Go to Brother printer and lift its scanning tray. Check all the cartridges on the printer. Eject them one by one and check the pins. If any cartridge pin is damaged then replace it. Insert the cartridge correctly and now check the error. While installing a new cartridge, always remove the protective tape. Your printer will start working once it finds the correct cartridges. Error messages can also occur when you have inserted a clone cartridge on the printer. The Brother device can’t read the third-party cartridge and get into error. Only use an original cartridge or use refills. When the cartridge gets empty; refill the ink. You can use refilled cartridges easily on the Brother printer.

Disable the firewall

Your printer network connection can be interrupted due to the firewall. The user runs the firewall to provide extra protection from internet threats. But many times the firewall also restricts other connections. It blocks the printer connection and shows the error. You have to disable the firewall while using the printer on the network. Now the printer will connect to the network and you can take the printouts. 

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