What to Look for Best Nursery Schools in Dubai for Your Child in Dubai?

 What to Look for Best Nursery Schools in Dubai for Your Child in Dubai?

Dubai houses a large number of both government and private kindergarten nursery schools. While the government schools have recently started taking pace in the quality of learning and education in Dubai, private schools are leading the relay.

Why Nursery School Learning is Important

Expats usually choose the best nursery schools in Dubai that are international since it provides a dynamic, diverse learning condition. Nursery school is a very important aspect of learning motor, cognitive and other skills.

This is the time when a child learns social interactions aside from the caregiver and finds a new world to engage and learn, understand and perceive. Students are curious and it’s important to feed their curiosity.

Let us together explore aspects of a good nursery school in Dubai-

Montessori Curriculum a Hit amongst Nursery School Students in Dubai

If you are an ex-pat, especially in Dubai, it is important for your child to become capable of choosing their own paths whether it is in multiplication, communicating what they need, their boundaries, their culture, and being able to make confident and independent decisions.

We accept the Montessori school curriculum worldwide and in well-renowned universities. This does not only enable your child to become capable in day-to-day activities, but also develop into individuals who are well equipped with different world views, and still being able to draw their own.

They train teachers to accept, allow space for questions, curiosity, and grow into better individuals each day. Teachers are not to be worshipped, but rather seen as individuals who enable the student to find their own path.

Hence, Montessori allows students to develop their own personalities and accountability with empathy and respect towards others. They duly curated the immediate interaction with the environment in toys, infrastructure etc.

Nursery Schools Must be Equipped with New Trends and Technologies in Dubai

Technology like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data analytics, internet of things (IoT), are recent and new technologies that are evolving and creating our lifestyles and not just affecting them. When exposed to these facilities at a young age, students will be able to grasp the concepts in real-time and understand intricacies like never before. The best schools in Dubai providing nursery schools must be equipped with and catch up to new trends and technologies.

Transport Facilities are a Catch in Dubai Nursery Schools

Dubai is fondly popular for its food, travel, lifestyle but also negatively for its long traffic jams. If you are an ex-pat make sure that your child does not have to travel a lot since they are young and can get tired.

It is important to find a nursery school that is either near to where you live, work or finds a house near the place you want your child to get enrolled. It is also a good idea to check for facilities like creche services, transport services in buses, cars, vans, carpools, etc. The most important part here is safety since children are at a high risk of getting trafficked.

Hence, always inquire about safety norms regarding who drives the transport, GPS tracking, who receives your child and drops them, presence of lady conductor, CCTV, child-safe transports etc.

Travel can take a toll on your child so it is best to find the easiest route, least time duration of traveling for your child so they can make the most out of their learning experience at school.

Child-Friendly Infrastructure and Well Trained Faculty at Kindergarten Schools of Dubai

It is very important to have not only a tech-savvy campus but a child-safe campus. Young children are curious, and an interesting, innovative campus only piques their interest and helps them interact with their surroundings and learn from them.

Some campuses even have wall paintings on various themes like picnic, galaxy, etc. They also modeled the furniture in a fashion such that children can learn. For example, tables and chairs are in the shapes of animals and lockers have letters. The campus has big pencils as holders and pillars all being a learning point for students. However, safety must be ensured by childproofing all the campus, integrating technology, CCTVs etc.

Similarly, faculty including peons, washroom helpers, teachers should all be taught about children and how to present and behave with them. We must give teachers psychoeducation for toddlers and help them understand how to facilitate and provide a more immersive form of learning to students.

Teachers often become worshipped by students and peers are seen as conflictions, teachers must resolve this by giving children a sense of agency and allowing them to find their own unique path while honoring solidarity.

Culture, Diversity, Eco System and the Environment- All Important Aspects of Holistic Learning

Nursery schools in Dubai must incorporate regular teachings on culture, diversity, the importance of environmental sustainability and preservation given the dire state of our planet, and create an ecosystem of safety and trust with parents, students, and other board members.

Students pick on the adult conversations and values very quickly and see the world from that lens. Hence, it is very important to include all parties and educate students about values like empathy, co-learning, peer learning, respect, courage, vulnerability, honesty, taking care of self and others, etc.


These are some aspects that you must consider while looking for the best nursery school for your child in Dubai especially if you are an ex-pat and looking for International Indian schools where your values are honored.

Other aspects can be admission procedures, the application process, models and modes of teaching, interaction with other parents, etc. To find the best fit for your child, it is important to look at what your child really needs and how they develop. They must develop a balance between authenticity and attachment and not forgo one for the other since it impacts the child in their long-term life. A school must be a place of questions, curiosity, conflictions, debates, and fondness for oneself and others.

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