What You Need to Know About Family Play Therapy

Many children don’t know how to express their feelings and are withdrawn from other kids and their family members. This withdrawal is not because they are introverted but because they have gone through some traumas they cannot handle. So they have so many fears they can not express.

Sometimes the parents of these children are unaware of what they are facing or how to help them solve these issues. Family play therapy will help the children learn how to communicate with other children, their environment, and family members. Below are the basic things you need to know about family play therapy.

What is Family Play Therapy?

Family play therapy is a kind of remedy that helps children relate, communicate, and connect with other children and members of the family. This therapy tries to improve their approach to handling situations and also bring them to a point where they can learn how to express themselves better.

Play therapists use different media such as dance, drama, music, artwork, games, painting and drawing, etc. This therapy often involves children with the range of 12 years and below.

How Does it Work?

Play therapy can take place in the child’s family or the play therapy center. The therapist can look at the child’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and know which material or method can work better and faster for the child. Your child can choose from different materials and toys such as games, artwork, playthings, etc.

You can give the child freedom of expression to stretch his/her abilities. Your child will be monitored, guided, and supervised to become the best. Family members should always support the child by giving the child enough love and attention for speedy therapy sessions.

Objectives Of Family Play Therapy

The objective mostly depends on the demands and needs of the child. The therapist will discuss with the family of the child to understand the special needs and traits in the child that needs attention Before the therapy treatment begins.

Here are other objectives this therapy would achieve in a child:

  • The child accepts himself and others
  • Love for self, others and family members
  • Developing a creative solution to approach and tackle problems
  • Interaction and relationship with friends and family
  • Self-esteem
  • Developing accountability for behavior

Problems Play Therapy Handles

Family Play therapy takes care of different needs which include the following

  • Depression
  • Family separation
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Grief and loss.social issues
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Anger Management
  • School issues


Family play therapy requires the attention of a qualified and skilled therapist. The therapist must have a degree in either Early Childhood Studies, Mental Health Nursing, or Psychology.

The therapist must have the skill of handling children. The therapist is advised to have a Play Therapy Center for some of the therapy sessions as required.

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