What’s the Difference Between Kahoot! and Qiuzziz?

Kahoot! and Quizlet are great tools for quiz-based learning. These quiz-based tools make learning fun and engaging. Combined, these platforms create a powerful learning platform. In fact, over half of U.S. schools use Quizizz. Quizizz is used in over 150 countries. Qiuzziz, which are online versions of traditional paper and pencil quizzes, are the most popular and effective of the three.


Quizizz is an online quizzing tool that allows you to create quizzes and lessons that are easily shared. You can also add your own memes to the questions to make the quizzes more interesting for students. Unlike traditional quizzes, students can answer questions in real time, allowing teachers to view their student reports and learning gaps. Teachers can integrate Quizizz into their Google Classrooms and use it for extra credit or fun trivia.

The site offers a large database of quizzes. You can edit these quizzes and customize them for your students or classes. To use Quizizz, teachers should sign up for an account, using their school email address, a Google or Microsoft account. Additionally, educators can integrate Quizizz with their own teaching platforms, such as Edmodo and Google Classroom. The integration between these tools allows teachers to send quizzes directly to their students via email or in a personalised SMS.

The teacher’s dashboard is easy to use. The teacher can view the quiz data and analyze it. In addition, the data can be shared with colleagues. Quizizz also offers a subscription option for its premium version. Teachers can upgrade to access premium consulting services and more integrations. Both Quizizz and Kahoot have free versions and charge a flat rate of $19 per month. In addition, educators can send quiz results to parents or e-mails.

Users can customize quiz questions, view answers and score them. Unlike traditional test preparation, the software also works on a number of different devices. The website is accessible and compatible with different browsers. Educators and training professionals can use Quizizz to conduct quick assessments and analyze results instantly. Quizizz can be used for both online quizzes and offline tests, and it is designed for all mobile devices. You can also download Quizizz apps for iOS and Android devices.

Teachers can use Quizizz for review, assessment, or homework purposes. Quizizz is free to use, and teachers can assign a unique access pass to each student. Teachers can also view detailed data, including student-level statistics. Quizizz also provides options to print worksheets. This is a great way to provide students with additional practice and feedback. It is also easy to access millions of quizzes and can be used for class-level assessment.


If you’re trying to decide between Kahoot and Quizizz, consider how they differ. Both quizzing tools are student-centric, but both offer their own unique advantages. Kahoot offers a variety of pre-made quizzes, while Quizizz has an expansive question bank. This makes creating quizzes a much faster process. However, if you’re trying to find an alternative to Kahoot, Quizizz is definitely worth checking out.

Quizizz is particularly useful for remote learning. Participants can access the quiz from any device, so they’ll always have a copy of the questions with them. Kahoot is often used in group settings, but it can be played on your own as well. The app allows you to play Kahoots on one device, and you can even host a live Kahoot using its preview feature.

Although Kahoot offers more flexible question types, Quizizz has a better choice for teachers who want to keep the same feel in the classroom. Its extensive reports can be very useful, and you can create flashcards based on the questions. It also has a lovely design. The only downside to this quizzing tool is that it doesn’t offer live chat support, but it does offer email, Twitter, and support tickets.

The survey results showed that students who used Kahoot! were significantly more likely to score higher on their Pathology tests. The results were not directly related to general academic performance, and most users endorsed its continued use. If you are using Qiuzziz or Kahoot!, you might want to consider gamifying your formative assessment in Pathology. You may also want to consider using this tool as part of an online continuous formative assessment plan.

As far as classroom engagement goes, Quizizz offers more engagement because of its lively format and bright colors. Quizizz, on the other hand, allows students to see both the questions and the answers in the same device. While Quizizz is more user-friendly, the latter offers students the option to download their data to their devices. Both quizzes are great for engaging students and boosting motivation levels.

For large events, however, both tools can help teachers conduct surveys, polls, and assessments. For free, Kahoot is great for small-scale surveys and polls, while its paid plans allow up to 2,000 participants. The free plans are limited and the free plan only allows seven questions. If you’re planning to use both, you may want to consider Qiuzziz as an alternative for larger events.

In addition to the ease of use, both tools can be useful in assessing student learning. Kahoot offers great engagement and is useful for teachers as a formative assessment tool. It’s also beneficial for students as a tool for improving engagement and reducing boredom. These online quizzes can increase student attendance and decrease stress levels. There are several other advantages to using Kahoot!

Google Forms

Qiuzziz is a web-based tool that helps teachers create online surveys and quizzes. Google Forms are a popular choice for online survey tools, and the integration with Qiuzziz makes it easy to set up and manage your online surveys and quizzes. It works with Chromebooks managed by schools, so teachers can lock down these devices for student use. Students can then fill out their survey questions and see their results instantly.

The data from Google Forms is automatically curated in a Google Spreadsheet. Teachers can then analyze the data in a detailed way. Google Forms even has a summary of responses feature, which creates a graphic representation of answers to close-ended questions. Google forms are also easily embedd, linked, and shared with others. You can access Google Forms for free if you have an account with Google. Unlike many other online survey tools, you can submit up to one response per question and receive immediate feedback.

Google Forms are incredibly easy to use, and most people can set up and share them easily. There are templates for RSVP forms, party invitations, event feedback, and course evaluation. They also support multiple-choice, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and linear scale. You can embed images, videos, and audio, and they have an upload feature. For more information, visit Google Forms and start creating your online surveys, quizzes, and more!

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